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Things have changed a lot in Pokemon Go after the inclusion of the new Mega Evolution update. Now, various unique aspects, Pokemon, and features have been added to the game, and in this article, we are going to brief the gamers about one of these features. The feature is known as Mega Energy, which is an essential resource rather than a feature, and gamers can Mega evolve their Pokemon through it. Below we have provided a proper workaround through which players can find and attain Mega Energy in Pokemon Go with ease.

How to Find and Use Mega Energy in Pokemon Go

First of all, gamers need to know that Mega Energy will only work on a few Pokemon. Now, players need to know that there are two methods through which they can use Mega Energy. More importantly, the gamers can obtain Mega Energy through Mega Raids. Thus, gamers require to take part in these raids, and when they succeed in completing them, they will be rewarded with Mega Energy. In addition to this, the gamers who will knock down the Raid boss will get more Mega Energy. Alternatively, there is an easy way to gather Mega Energy by accomplishing a specific project known as a Mega Discovery.

Furthermore, players need to know that Mega Energy will evolve their Pokemon at a particular time. The time duration is depending upon the amount of Mega Energy used. Moreover, players need to tap a specific button located beneath the Power-Up icon to activate Mega Evolution through Mega Energy. The Mega raids are the best way to gather Mega Energy because it is relatively easy to accomplish, and it would offer various rewards alongside Mega Energy.


Gamers can Mega Evolve their Pokemon through Mega Energy, an essential resource recently introduced by Pokemon Go. Gamers need to participate in the Mega Raids to obtain Mega Energy for specific Pokemon, and later on, they can Mega Evolve their ideal Pokemon using Mega Energy. In this article, we have provided all the requisite information on Mega Energy. All the gamers who want to know how to find and get Mega Energy should assist this article. We hope all the gamers who have visited this article will find worth reading it.

Players who want to obtain the gaming experience of Pokemon Go can attain it on iOS and Android devices.

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