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Polo shirts have stuck around since the early 1900s. They were worn exclusively as sportswear until the early 80s. But with the advent of time, they have been slowly incorporated as casual wear. Everything evolves with time, and so does fashion. Polos used to be of only one type (a collar, a placket consisting of three buttons, and an optional pocket.), but these days there are many types and sub-types such as slim fit, long sleeves, baggy fit, stand up collar polo shirt, etc. These days, they are not only sportswear but also all-purpose casual wear. 

In fashion, the saying goes, “You are what you wear.” One's fashion sense signifies their state of mind and what kind of a person they are (to a certain extent). Polo shirts are an amalgam of being classy yet remaining informal. It's a way of life.

Types of Polos 

Due to the ingenuity and brilliance of fashion designers, many types of polos have come into being, ranging from classical to contemporary. Some current types include:

  • Pique Polos: Piques polos are the ones that come to mind when one uses the term polos. They have soft collars that lack structure yet have a shape. Other features include a quarter placket with two to three buttons, a shorter torso, half sleeve, and can be worn either tucked or untucked. The fabric is a bit heavier and somewhat stretchable.
  • Pima Polos: Pimas are also half-sleeved, but the difference between them and Piques is their fabric is lighter. Their cloth tends to be a lot more flexible and absorbent, thus making them ideal for athletic wear.
  • Golf Polos: Golfing polos make use of sophisticated performance fabrics. They generally have temperature control which makes them unique and is sometimes known as “smart fabrics”. The cloth is very absorbent and ideal for hot days. They tend to be very expensive.
  • Long Sleeve Polos: These polos are exactly like Pique polos, the only difference being that they have long sleeves. These are fancier versions of the Pima and Pique variants.
  • Wool Polos: These tend to be expensive and look a lot dressier. As the name suggests, the fabric used is wool. They are generally long-sleeved, but the drawback is they aren't long-lasting. If made well, they look gorgeous and ideal for fall or winter.
  • Stand Up Collar Polo Shirt: This is the newest and most popular version of polos now. It is trendy and unique as this variant doesn't have a bent collar. Instead, its collar is straight and horizontal. It is popular amongst millennials, and according to current stats, it's beginning to be popular amongst men in their late twenties as well. 

Presently, these are only some of the variants of polos available in the market. There are many cuts and fits. One's body structure is the main deciding factor behind what will look best.

The Need to Look Good

No matter what one says, appearance carries a lot of weight. While it's correct to say, “It doesn't matter what you look like.”, it's more important to say, “What your appearance should be like.”. One can't go to an interview or the office looking frumpish. It will seep into the personality like cancer. Looking their best develops one's personality and earns society's respect. Few things are more appropriate than the saying, “One must look successful in being successful.” 

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