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Ponytail Extensions: What Are They?

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With the innovative design of clip-in ponytail extensions, a ponytail may be thickened and lengthened instantly. Forget sad, limp ponytails and welcome bouncy, full ponytails that may be done in a high, low, braided, or even a bun.

Ponytails are a great way to cover it up when you don't have time to wash or style your hair.

Each Hair Ponytail Extension comes with the following:

Ponytail Extensions have several advantages.

Transform Second (Or Third) Day Hair From The Comfort Of Your Couch

Easily transform greasy or oily hair into ponytail perfection with Hair clip-in ponytail extensions.

Virtual wine night with the gals or an impromptu FaceTime with your crush is just some of the possibilities now that you have access to Skype.

Always create longer, fuller, and bouncier ponytails every time you use this product.

On the other hand, Ponytail extensions can rapidly give you thicker, longer, and more bouncy ponytails like Elle Woods', owing to thinning, shorter length, dryness, or brittleness.

Opens Up A World Of Hairstyle Possibilities

A braided ponytail that doesn't hide your layers is a nightmare. There is nothing worse than having your hair in a bun, only to be left looking dead.  Braided ponytails, high ponytails, low ponytails, and enormous buns are all available with clip-in ponytail extensions.

It's best to heat style your Ponytail Extension before connecting it to your hair to be safe.

Do A Ponytail With Your Hair

Tie a high ponytail out of your hair and wear it around your crown.  Secure your Ponytail with a hair tie a few inches above where you wish to wear it. Use an Extensions Brush or a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush to detangle your Ponytail Extensions gently.

Securing your ponytail extension is the final step in the process.

When you're done with your Ponytail, slide a comb beneath the top of your hair tie.

Wrap the velcro base around your Ponytail until it's firmly overlapped and secure.

Cover The Base Of Your Ponytail

A hair strand can be wrapped around the base of the Ponytail to hide the elastic band if desired.  Pin in place with the bobby pins.

Step 5: Shake, style, and go, baby!

To make sure your Ponytail stays in place, turn your head from side to side.

Ponytails can be styled in various ways, from sleek and straight to messy and wavy.

Ponytails Are Low

With the Ponytail Extension, tie your hair at the nape of your neck and then wrap the extension around your hair to achieve a low ponytail.

Follow the standard procedure and have fun with your new, extra-long pony.


  • It's never been easier to make a big bun.
  • Make sure to secure your ponytail extension at the crown of your head before attempting to get this style.
  • The next step is to divide the Ponytail into two equal parts.
  • Create a thick rope braid by twisting each piece into two long twists, then wrapping the twists around each other.
  • Once you've wrapped the rope braid around itself at the base, secure it with bobby pins to keep it in place.



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