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Poor physical health of people is often caused by several mental and physical factors. As we all know that the world has been digitalized, the physical activity levels have also reduced due to a hectic lifestyle. The poor physical health of people is also imposing a lot of stress on the healthcare system.There are a variety of reasons that cause poor health in people that we are going to discuss today in this article. Learn more

Causes of Poor Physical Health

There are several causes behind poor health; we have compiled a list of some of the most common causes that you should also avoid if you want good health.


There is very strong scientific evidence that suggests that smoking is linked with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and several other health problems. In our society, smoking is one of the most major causes of bad health in younger people. Moreover; several harmful compounds found in cigarettes such as nicotine, tobacco also cause several other health problems.

Lack of Physical Activity

Poor physical activity in the modern lifestyle is one of the most common reasons behind increasing cases of heart disease. Moreover; poor physical activity also causes obesity which is known as the root cause of several serious health complications. Nowadays, due to modern means of transportation, everyone uses cars, buses, and bikes for traveling that has reduced the physical activity levels up to 98%. However; if you want good physical health, you should exercise daily for at least 30 minutes.


Diet plays a key role in the good physical health of people; it also acts as fuel for the human body. You should increase the intake of plant-based foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits instead of processed foods. A good diet also includes healthy proteins in the form of fish which is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Nowadays, people eat a very poor diet that includes a lot of fats in the form of dairy products, cheese, junk food, and many others. You should completely limit the intake of junk food which is now considered a major cause of heart disease in young people.


Stress is also linked with a wide range of physical health problems. A hectic or stressful lifestyle increases the risk of getting a heart attack too early. You should spend more time practicing stress-relieving techniques such as yoga, exercise, etc. If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, then you must focus on the best treatment options for it that include oral medications and mental therapy.


Last but not least, poverty is also associated with poor health in people especially in developing countries. You must have noticed that in poor countries, viral diseases, malaria, polio, and several other epidemics are the major cause of bad health in people. Poor countries do not spend money on their healthcare system that's why the locals have to suffer poor physical health-related problems.


We are pretty confident that you must have understood the root causes of poor health in modern-day society. However; there may be some other bad health causes too that we haven't addressed yet but these are the most common bad health causes that we have discussed above. Don't forget to leave your feedback in the comments.

Source: Zarifa USA


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