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Popular Satellites Used By Broadcasters

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Satellites are used primarily for communication, data, and Broadcasting TV signals. There are three classes of satellites according to the nature of their orbit, namely GEO, MEO, and LEO. GEO (geostationary) satellites are primarily used for Broadcasting TV Signals. Satellite broadcasting is a method of getting television programming into your home that relies on transmitting data from a satellite in outer space. These transmissions are routed through a satellite network and then distributed to consumers’ homes. The consumer can receive these signals via installing receive antenna and system or via cable operator or DTH operator.

There are main two types of Transponder bands C and Ku used for Satellite Broadcasting.

  1. TV Channel Uplink

TV programs are sent to the Satellite via an Uplink earth station on a particular satellite. These signals are then received and processed by various operators like MSO and DTH. Usually, C band Transponders are used by Broadcasters, and Ku Band transponders are used by DTH companies.

  1. Digital satellite news gathering (DSNG) services 

Satellites are used for providing DSNG services also. Both C and Ku band transponders are frequently used to provide DSNG services in India. DSNG facilitates live transmission of any events in an easy and super smooth way with satellite connectivity. 

There are many popular satellites used in India for broadcasting purposes like GSAT 30, GSAT 17, Intelsat 20, Intelsat 17, Asiasat 5, etc. A few other satellites are also used like SES, MeaSat, etc.

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