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Popular Two Diamond Shapes For Engagement Ring

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When it comes to diamonds, the options can be rather bewildering. With so many different cut shapes and qualities to consider. Finally, if you are about to buy a diamond, At this point of time you may be asking which diamond cut is the best; the answer varies on who you ask. It depends on your priorities whether you are buying for yourself or for someone special. But if you're wondering which diamond Cut is the most popular these days, we've got you covered in this blog.

Round Cut Diamonds 

Round Cut diamonds are both traditional and timeless, and are frequently the shape that comes to mind when people think of diamonds. The vast majority of diamonds found in engagement rings are round brilliants. The cost for a Round Cut Diamonds mainly depends on factors such as cut, colour, clarity and carat. A rough (unpolished) diamond may generally maintain more weight if it is cut into a fancy form rather than a round shape.

Pear Cut Diamonds 

Pear Cut diamonds are also known as tear-drop diamonds or pear cut diamonds because their shape is similar to a drop of water. The Pear Cut Diamond is a cross between the round and marquise forms. This elongated diamond shape seems bigger than normal diamond carat weights. curves of pear cut diamond are undeniably romantic and feminine.

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