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Life has not been easy for Elliot. First her parents' divorce,  Cognitiva Review   which means she spends one week with mom, and then one week with dad. Then both her parents remarry, which means there are two more parents she's supposed to take orders from, and a few bratty new step-siblings she is not real fond of. When Danielle's mom remarried, all the rules changed. Her shoes need to be taken off in the garage, not in the foyer. The bathroom fan, which her real dad would have her leave on after taking a shower to get rid of moisture, is now supposed to be turned off.

The house is kept at a certain temperature frigid and if she's cold, she has told to put on a sweater because she has no longer allowed touching the thermostat. What a jerk! Who is he to tell me to do or not do anything she thinks to herself. But we always open our presents on Christmas Eve! Carl's kids protest. Its tradition! Julie's kids argue back, don't be stupid! You are supposed to open the presents on Christmas day! You will ruin Christmas otherwise. Julie and Carl look at each other trying to find a fair compromise to the dilemma.

Today, only one of every four families is a traditional nuclear family. That is, a mother, a father, and biological children. About 1/2 of all marriages this year will end in divorce, and in most developed countries of all births are to unmarried women. This means the blended family is the norm, not the exception. Blended families result when a parent marries a person who is not the biological father of their child (or, some contend, when a couple adopt a child that is not their own). Often, if the marriage occurs while the child is still very young, the family looks identical to the traditional nuclear family.



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