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Portuguese is counted in the top highly spoken languages in the world. It is the sixth natively spoken language on the planet. With more than 220 million native speakers and around 50 million non-native speakers, the language itself tells its importance. With such a huge population associated with the language, The need for professional Portuguese transcription services is a must for any business.

Be it brands trying their luck in the international market or an English brand targeting the Portuguese speaking population, the need for Portuguese to English transcription services are vital for marketing purposes.

Marketing is no more related to television alone, but the transcripts of a television advertisement can be used at multiple places for better brand visibility. These transcripts can be used online on multiple websites or in newspapers for promoting your brand.

There is a huge population that prefers using the Portuguese language on the internet. It is also one of the top languages being used on the internet for making searches and on social media. Online video platforms like YouTube also do have a lot of individuals watching videos in the Portuguese language.

This also makes it important for the content creators or the video creators to hire online Portuguese transcription services and get their videos transcribed for improved viewership. This not only helps them gain more views and hence better revenue but is also helpful in letting your content reach a wider audience.

Portuguese transcription services, regardless of the industry, are super valuable for the people suffering from any kind of hearing disorder or are deaf. Converting your audio/ video content into written forms will make your content be accessible to them as well.

The Portuguese language is spoken widely in nine countries. All of these have it as their official language. The language is being spoken in four continents that include Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe. Portuguese is more popular in South America than in Europe. It the most widely spoken language of the continent and the second most spoken language in the Latin American region. 

Portuguese is growing at a great pace. Do you know which European language is the second-fastest-growing? It’s Portuguese. And this fact is enough to understand why the demand and need for the Portuguese transcription services are increasing day by day.

But, hiring an expert service like Scripts Complete is super vital here as the language has multiple dialects and the difference between the Brazilian Portuguese and the European Portuguese is huge. There are quite a few differences in grammar, spellings, and also in the meaning of certain words. Thus, hiring native linguistic experts is super important. Because you cannot target the South American population with European Portuguese dialect.

Scripts Complete has a team of expert professionals with native linguistics and certified transcribers to deliver the results as per the needs of the clients. Connect with us for Portuguese transcription and many other services.



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