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If you have been postponing your road trip because of the pandemic it's time you got on the road and started your journey. People are already throwing their legs across their motorcycles and beginning to ride across state borders as the stipulations and restrictions become less strict. We have got a few useful tips for you to enjoy the perfect two-wheeler tour this winter. so, let's get started.

Pack according to the weather 

One of the common problems with indian winter vacation goa is standard international articles and to over back their winter garments stop the temperature in european countries art in america drops significantly but that is not the case in a tropical country such as india or brazil. Make sure to check out the average winter temperature of the destination you are heading to on wikipedia or other weather websites and then decide your winter garments accordingly. The reason you need to do that is because your motorcycle does not have a lot of space to stuff in several winter fur coats and you have to make judicious use of the limited carrying capacity. If you are going to rajasthan or any other temperate climate location, you proudly do not need anything more than a few thick quilt jackets and a windcheater to stay warm. But if you are heading to the hills or the mountain ranges of the Himalayan foothills, you might need a little bit more than that. Do your weather research and then pack accordingly.

Make best use of the sun  

The sun goes down in winter the temperature dropped significantly and it makes things a lot more difficult. Firstly, the visibility drops significantly as soon as the sun goes down and secondly the temperature becomes very cold for you to focus on riding the motorcycle and less on shivering like a leaf! Always start your winter rides early in the morning and end them before 6 p.M. In the evening to make sure that you are always in the sunlight band and you don't have to withstand the cold temperature or squint in the darkness. This is even more important if you are arriving at an unknown place because in most cases, people in small villages and rural communities sleep very early in the winters and so you might find yourself in a completely deserted situation if you arrive after 9 p.m.! 

Go a little further 

Use a cold temperature to your advantage. During the summer your machine might become hot & stressed as soon as you start riding! But in winters the temperature is very cold which allows the engine to run longer without being stressed. This can come in handy for covering additional distance without breaking a sweat. The temperature in winter is also less taxing on the body which means you can stay focused and energetic on the motorcycle for just a little bit longer.

Be extra safe, the road is cold! 

The rubber on a motorcycle tire needs to be heated up to a particular temperature before it can start getting traction on the surface of the road. In summer that is never a problem because the temperature always ensures that the tires are preheated before you start riding, but that is not the case in winter and especially so if you are riding to a mountain range where the temperature might never rise to the optimum levels needed for the rubber to gain traction.  That is why you need to be extra careful when you're riding a motorcycle in winter. Never leave the house without your motorcycle riding jacket and a branded motorcycle helmet. A full-face helmet is the better choice for winter riding because it will give you enhanced protection against the elements and keep You warm even when the temperature drops significantly. In addition to that, you might also need a motorcycle riding jacket and a pair of gloves to keep your mitts warm. 

Don’t forget your medicines 

To keep common health problems from getting in the way of your winter vacation, pack a few essential medicines for upset stomach, cold and cough so that you have the remedy with you whenever you need it. don't worry much about taking a lot of medicines because you can always purchase them at the destination depending on the condition you are facing (and advisably!) after consulting a doctor. 


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