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There is a major misconception that everything you browse and see on the incognito mode of the internet is hidden from everyone. Sadly, that is not the case. The internet service provider can still access your activity details. Thus, confusion and miscommunication become a legal issue, and Google may receive a summons to justify this act. The main contention to this case will be that the company led the consumers to believe that their searches and browsing on the incognito was not recorded and took advantage of that vulnerability. The next question that comes to mind is that if the information is not a secret, what is the point of using that feature at all? The feature is not all that bad. Here are some other ways to utilize it better.

Multiple Email Accounts

Professionals who work extensively on their computers need to access mail frequently. But in case another email is logged in on your device, you have to either sign that out or use a different browser. Instead of going through that procedure and wasting time, it is better to use incognito to sign in on your mail during business hours and vice versa.

Holiday Shopping

A lot of households have a family computer system that they share. It becomes an issue if you are planning to buy a surprise gift for a family member. Here is why. Whenever you search a product online, it gets fed in the memory of your browser. Even if you close that tab before anyone sees and go to the extent of clearing it from the browser history, it still will not help. It is because the next time someone opens a page that has ads, those ads will be off or related to the shopping you did. It becomes quite convenient for them to figure out what you plan to gift them. To keep your surprise intact, use the incognito mode in your browser.

Avoid Unwanted Autofill Suggestions

YouTube has become everyone’s savior in today’s day when we are left to do all our tasks ourselves. Since the implementation of home quarantine on people, we have turned to YouTube for DIY videos for cooking, cleaning, workouts, multitasking, and even crafts. Some saw these videos for survival, and some saw them just to get creative once in a while and pass all this extra time. Even before this pandemic, we used YouTube videos for suggestions like a good laptop, or ways to fix your car battery. But most of these searches are a one time watch and not something you need to see frequently. But YouTube suggestions are unaware of this fact, and it ends up suggesting more similar videos. To stop this from happening, search and stream such videos on the incognito tab so that your YouTube suggestion is unaffected.

Booking Tickets

A lot of you out there are unaware of this, but it is one of the most useful tricks to use whenever you book flight or train tickets. If you search for flight availability and ticket prices of a specific route multiple times, the airlines pick up on that, and they increase the fare every time you search. To save that extra buck that you might end up spending, make all your travel plans through the incognito mode. Shopping sites also use this specific tactic too. When they realize that you are particularly interested in a product, they raise their rate.

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

With the increased free time lately and a wide range of options on Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hulu, and other such platforms, people have begun to binge-watch a lot. Everyone has a specific type in shows and movies that they prominently lean towards. But every once in a while, we all consider experimenting with new shows to see if that genre may also be in our interest area. If you want to do that too without tainting your suggest list or let your experiment be affected by that suggest list, try the incognito tab.

Outsiders’ View

It takes a lot of time and effort to develop a perfect website for your brand. People have begun to realize the value of an online presence for businesses and try to go the extra mile to ensure that the website is user friendly and attractive. But how will you know if your efforts have reached fruition or not? You can go in the incognito mode and view it as the public does.

Incognito mode does not essentially let you search for anything without any record or consequences. But it is great to ensure that your regular search does not get affected by some one-time searches.


Source :- https://2020-office.uk.com/practical-ways-to-use-the-incognito-mode/

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