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Global climate change is a real environmental problem, and it still exists in the world. Global warming, rising sea level, extreme weather such as heavy rainfall or drought, etc., are some serious side effects of global climate change. Global climate changes can be caused by many factors, including natural processes like volcanic eruptions, variations in Earth's orbit, solar variations. 

Human activities such as land-use change, deforestation, and artificial greenhouse gas emission contribute majorly to this harmful climate change. Global climate changes threaten the lives of billions of people worldwide, especially in developing countries with a weak capability to resist natural disasters. These changes are really urgent problem for humankind, and there is no time to delay. Climate changes need positive changes in people's behaviour to save the environment. 

What Do You Mean by Climate Change? 

Global climate change is a long-term significant change in the Earth's climate. Global warming, global cooling, and other changes are all examples of Global Climate Change. Global warming means that the temperature increases on an average over time (normally by 1 degree or more). Global cool means that the temperature decreases on average over time. And this is the one of many problems result of the climate change. These changes will bring severe consequences in the time to come. 

Behaviours That Bring Positive Change in Climate: 

Let's practice some positive behaviour and help others understand this behaviour to protect our environment or improve the climate. 

Plant More Trees: 

Trees are unique and play a vital role in the ecological balance. They receive solar energy, distribute air around us by creating oxygen for us to breathe. Planting more trees is a great contribution towards saving Global Climate Change.

Innovative Farming: 

With passing time, farming is evolved with high-tech equipment. Help the farmers to understand different and new ways of farming instead of depending on the climate. So, they get to know different methods of farming, helpful to produce positive results. 

Don’t Pollute Water Resources: 

Water is one of the most important for our Global Climate. It helps in distributing air around us. If we use water wisely, it will help Global climate change as well. Practice storing groundwater by building storing water tanker to get collected the rainwater. 

Fossil Fuel:

The Global climate is at the risk of dangerous Global warming. It is because of using fossil fuels too much without any sustainability. Make a rule to use renewable sources like solar energy for getting electricity instead of non-renewable sources.


Motivate fishers to use safe methods for fishing, so water resources stay safe and clean. Water comes as the basic necessity of life. Polluting the water with unnecessary chemicals will pollute the water and make the life of water bodies challenging. 

Get Involved in Environmental Activities. 

Global warming is a serious issue that needs to be addressed by everyone. It's not the only one; there are other major climate changes that are going to be extremely serious for people living on this planet. So, it is essential to be aware of the consequences of global climate change, make others aware of it, and inspire them to take the necessary actions. 


The good practices mentioned above aren't enough to resolve the climate issues. However, every single effort matters. If you practice one or more of these behaviours today, you can help others practice it, and this chain will certainly bring a positive result. 

So, lead others by your example, and do something positive to save our mother earth from being spoiled. Let's take the first step today! 


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