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In the process of communicating with customers, some customers often ask me some questions about the maintenance of bedding. In fact, no matter what fabric it is, proper washing and maintenance methods have a great effect on prolonging the service life of the bedding. In view of several common bedding fabrics commonly used by customers, here I will tell you the washing methods of cotton, linen, linen, and cotton and linen blended fabrics:

First talk about the characteristics of cotton bedding and washing methods:

The characteristics of cotton bedding

Good moisture absorption, soft hand feeling, hygienic, and comfortable to wear

The wet strength is greater than the dry strength, but the overall strength is firm and durable

Good dyeing performance, soft luster, and natural beauty

Alkali resistance, high-temperature alkali treatment can be made into mercerized cotton

Poor wrinkle resistance and large shrinkage rate

How to wash cotton bedding?

Cotton bedding has strong alkali resistance, but not acid and high-temperature resistance. It can be washed with various soaps or detergents. Before washing the cotton bedding, you can soak the bedding in water for a few minutes, not too long, just a few minutes, so that the color of the bedding is not damaged. It is best not to soak in hot water.

The bedding will have some sweat stains because of personal contact with the human body. If it is washed with hot water, the protein in the sweat will solidify and adhere to the clothing, causing the bedding to turn yellow.

When washing cotton bedding with detergent, the best water temperature should be 40-50 degrees Celsius. When rinsing, you can take a “small amount and many times” method. You don't need to use a lot of water for each rinse, but you need to wash several times. 

After each rinse, it should be wrung dry and then rinsed a second time to improve washing efficiency. Cotton bedding should be placed in a well-ventilated and bright place to dry clothes to avoid exposure to sunlight, which will fade colored fabrics.

Cotton bedding is easy to deform after being put in the water, so it should be washed by hand instead of a machine. When airing, spread it out evenly.

Next, let’s talk about the characteristics of hemp bed products and the matters needing attention in washing. Most hemp products come in custom boxes for example hemp cigarette boxes are widely used by almost every cannabis brand.

1. The characteristics of hemp bed products:

  • It is breathable, has a unique cool feeling, and does not stick to the body when sweating;
  • Rough hand feel, easy to wrinkle, poor drape;
  • Hemp fiber is hard and has poor cohesion;

Washing method of linen bedding:

The washing requirements of linen bedding are basically the same as cotton bedding, but the soaking time should not be too long. And because hemp fibers are generally stiff and have poor cohesion. When washing, it should be softer than cotton fabric. Do not use a hard brush or rub it hard to avoid fluffing on the cloth surface. After washing, do not twist with force, do not use hot water to scald or expose to the sun to avoid fading. After rinsing, do not forcefully squeeze or dehydrate, to prevent the hemp fiber from sliding, affecting appearance and service life.

For all kinds of stains on linen bedding, the removal method is roughly the same as that of cotton bedding. If there is a slight cigarette burn on the linen fabric. You can wipe it with a slice of lemon and then put it in the sun for a while to eliminate it.

 In addition, the use of linen and cotton-linen blended fabrics is also common in the use of bedding. In the next part, I will talk about the maintenance of linen and cotton-linen bedding.

1. Features of linen fabric bedding:

1. The fiber of flax bedding is strong, flexible, and has good color

2. Flax fiber is strong, not easy to rot in water, and has a waterproof effect

3. Friction resistance, high-temperature resistance, fast heat dissipation, and low dust absorption rate.

4. Not easy to tear, not easy to burn, no static electricity, high acid, and alkali resistance.

Flax is the cortical fiber of plants, and its function is similar to human skin, with natural properties such as protecting the body and regulating temperature. It has good moisture absorption and skin-friendliness, and it is also widely used in bedding and mostly packed in custom CBD boxes wholesale.

2. Cotton and linen blended bedding has the dual advantages of surface and linen. It has both the feel of cotton and the breathability of linen. It is more and more widely used in the design and decoration of bedding.


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