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The Disney+ series “Moon Knight” set up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and starring Oscar Isaac in the titular role will arrive on Disney+ in the forthcoming future.

The debut of “Moon Knight” will be a historic moment for the entire Marvel Studios and the fans as it will be the first-ever onscreen appearance of the iconic comic superhero. Now, the good news is that Ethan Hawke, who is a verified actor and has a pedigree of films like “Predestination,” “Sinister,” and “Tesla” under his belt, has notched the stakes up a little as he has signed up to play the role of the villain in the upcoming series.

Hawke will also join the list of high pedigree actors like Christian Bale and Matt Damon to play a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It seems as if Marvel will also focus on acting in Phase 4 in spite of just banking on the CGI to gain control of the box office.

The news has come to the fore courtesy of a report shared by the website “Hollywood Reporter.” Hollywood Reporter has clearly stated, citing some sources, that Ethan Hawke will be the nemesis of Oscar Isaac in the upcoming series.

It is imperative to throw a caveat here that not much has been revealed about the show apart from the fact that Oscar Isaac will play the role of the anti-hero having dissociative identity disorder (which, in simpler terms, is called multiple personality disorder).

It was revealed a few days earlier that the prolific director duo from the independent films “Justin Benson” and “Aaron Moorhead” had joined the director’s team that already had Mohamed Diab in it.

So, the question is, what role would the veteran actor Ethan Hawke play? Currently, it is not known. However, if you have read the Moon Knight comics, you would know the fact that the primary nemesis of Moon Knight is none other than a treasure seeker that goes by the name “Bushman.”

However, we all know how Moon Knight’s history is shrouded in secrecy in the comics. So, it is really hard to tell what role Ethan Hawke would play in the upcoming series. But we are glad he is a part of it. Aren’t we?

“Moon Knight” will mark the first acting venture of Ethan Hawke in the superhero genre. Though it is understood that “Moon Knight” is not similar to Boyhood, he is likely to bring a lot of human feels and familiar emotions to the show.

Oscar Isaac starrer “Moon Knight” will commence its production likely by March of this year in the Capital of Hungary, Budapest.

Oscar Isaac’s career is on the uphill. He is also set to appear in Denis Villeneuve’s epic adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel “Dune,” which is set to arrive on October the 1st, 2021.

He was also seen as Poe Dameron in the Star Wars films. He is also a part of the voiceover cast of the upcoming film “The Addams Family 2.”

Source :- https://directoryband.com/blog/predestination-star-ethan-hawke-is-going-to-be-the-villain-of-mcu-series-moon-knight/


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