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Preparing Your Furniture for a House Move

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The biggest challenge for a homeowner during a house move is lifting heavy pieces of furniture. Whether you are moving everything on your own or working with furniture movers from Sydney to Brisbane, it is important to prepare your furniture for the move in advance. So, what exactly do you need for its preparation? Let’s take a look:

Prepare a List

Take a note of the furniture you want to move to your new house and the pieces you’d like to donate or resell. Based on this, see which items must be dismantled for a hassle-free move and which accessories should go in one piece. Once you have prepared the list of furniture that needs to be disassembled, gather the right tools and equipment for dismantling.

Measure the Doorways, Stairways, and other Areas

Before you take your furniture to the moving truck, measure the height and width of your spaces to ensure that each furniture piece will fit through these narrow areas effortlessly. For most items, it is possible to move them without having to dismantle but certain types of sofas and couches must be disassembled carefully for an easy and smooth move.

Note that the furniture that can fit through the doorways, stairs, elevators, and other narrow spaces of your house doesn’t need to be disassembled. Likewise, if you are certain the furniture won’t break or get damaged in any way during the transportation, you can keep them in one piece. For instance, you should take the legs of the dining table apart, since they are fragile and highly likely to break during the move.

Take Furniture Apart

Large sofas, recliners, and chairs can’t fit into the moving truck. Even if it’s a large truck, you are going to need to disassemble your heavy furniture pieces so that they can be loaded without any hassle. The same goes for other long items, such as lamps, skis, and poles. Tape both ends of the rug tightly. The rug should go on the floor of your truck.

Pack them Properly

Furniture must be wrapped in bubble wrap and packed with the best packing items. Wrap these pieces twice with high-quality bubble wrap, plastic bags, and other durable packing accessories. Blankets can also be used to cover the furniture so that it doesn’t catch dirt, dust, and debris. You could also use tapes and ropes for securing the upholstery properly.

Load the Heavy Furniture First

Basically, the furniture removalists in Newcastle will help you with the furniture lifting and moving tasks. But, if you are having a hard time deciding which items to load on the truck first, it is best to go with the heavy furniture. The larger pieces must be arranged on the moving truck first and then the smaller and lighter items. This is how the truck should be loaded. Make sure you place the heavy accessories as close to the cab’s longest wall as possible. Hire Redland Bay furniture movers for more information about moving.


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