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Presbyopia: Using Readers Make You Appear Ten Years Older

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Most of us face this eye condition known as Presbyopia that occurs around the age of forty. This happens as a normal phenomenon of the eyes losing gradual ability to focus precisely on objects closer to eyes like a mobile phone screen, computer screen, books, writing notes, restaurant menus etc. You might have noticed or experienced adjusting these closer objects so as to able to read clearly and at times with the increase in age, it becomes a time taking effort, sometimes with no hundred percent success. Almost one-and-a-three-quarter billion people on the global front face this problem of presbyopia and by 2020 this figure is estimated to cross two billion.

PresbyopiaPhoto credit: National Eye Institute via Visualhunt / CC BY

Dr. Heather Hausenblas who is a healthy aging consultant initiated a survey on behalf of Jacksonville University where she is a legendary professor of Health Sciences at the School of Health Sciences there. The survey was about using reading glasses which are also termed as “readers“. The survey was jointly conducted along with a division of Novartis and Alcon. Alcon is a famous eye care leader on a global front. The purpose of this survey was to assess the impact perceived by readers with an increase in age and the relevant education imparting about presbyopia. It emerged after the survey that by using “readers” the user tends to appear ten years older.

Using “Readers” is the Easiest Option to Fight with Presbyopia

According to Dr. Heather, using “readers” is the easiest option to fight with presbyopia. That too without realizing that the person using it appears ten years older than his or her actual age. The title of this online survey was “The Age Perception Impact Survey”. Its purpose was to examine the attitudes and perceptions regarding aging. The target audience for conducting the survey were the people between the age thirty-eight to fifty-four. In addition, they had to be residing in the continental United States. Overall around 1,070 adults participated in this survey. The results of the survey depicted that sixty-eight percent of the participants valued looking younger.

As a matter of fact, forty-two percent dye hair and thirty-seven wear youthful outfits to feel younger. Almost half of the participants admitted that they do not find themselves younger than their current age. In fact, the reality is that almost everyone skipped the simple fact of life of removing reader to look younger.

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