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Since its birth, Honda HR-V has been the leader of compact SUVs. Although Nissan Juke and Mitsubishi Outlander have joined the competition in the SUV market, their update speed is not as fast as Honda. The SUV market is fuller than in the past due to the addition of new members. But no one can compete with the sales of Honda's flagship compact crossover. Honda launched a new version of the SUV this year, the Honda Prestige HR-V. It has a good in-car experience and a handsome shape as always.

The main body of the Honda HR-V is black cladding instead of black plastic, making it a top-tier car and distinguishing it from other ordinary cars, just like distinguishing ordinary people from royals. The two-color wheels are complementary to the luxurious Honda HR-V Prestige, and use a five-spoke design to spread the body of the turboprop membrane like a fan.

Honda not only created interesting combinations, but also added reliable parts to increase appeal. On the roof is a large panoramic skylight, which dominates the scalp. Then, most lighting includes an LED light source. Including the headlights, DRL, turn signals, and even the fog lights all come from the lit diode-as a reference, the main light is equipped with an auto-leveling function. In addition, LEDs are also decorated with combined lights at the rear.

In addition, not only is the luxurious atmosphere more intense, the function list also includes the smart entry function. Enough to increase practicality. Without remote interaction, you can press the button on the door handle to open the lock.

As the name of the decoration, the most expensive Honda HR-V model is equipped with a 1,800 cc supercharger in a total of four combustion chambers. The 1,500 cc N/A power engine in Honda’s similar product is ready to extract 120 PS/145 Nm. In terms of output, the Honda HR-V is more abundant than the 1,500 cc unit is an obvious result. Power bursts at 139 PS at 6,500 rpm, starting with a peak torque of 169 Nm of 4,300 Nm. Therefore, in terms of performance, the most expensive version is considered an important update to the base version.

Efforts to save fuel also include the ability to reverse the heart muscle. There is also a driving indicator called Eco Assist, which tells the driver whether his driving style supports fuel efficiency. The attractiveness is shown through the LED lighting on the dashboard. When it glows green, your feet can rest and the car is in a fuel-efficient state.

The sporty and elegant driving experience also provides additional power to this car. The reason is that it carries a CVT gearbox to distribute power to the front wheels. The pulley structure is known for its smooth delivery while providing excellent fuel efficiency. But in addition, there is also a sporty driving impression device, in the form of a paddle switch, which can activate recoil as needed.

If you like Honda SUVs, you will feel that all this meets expectations after reading the article. Honda HR-V 1.8L Prestige will not disappoint.


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