Prices start at Rp. 140 million, the Honda Jazz CVT is the best selling all year

The price of the Honda RS CVT 2020 has soared compared to the first time the Honda Jazz RS was launched in 2008. At first, it felt like this car had extraordinary capabilities and was very economical in consuming fuel. This is thanks to the 1500 cc i-VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control with Intelligent) engine.

At that time (2008), the Honda Jazz RS 1.5 A / t as the highest variant was priced at Rp. 182.5 million. Meanwhile, the Honda Jazz RS CVT 2020 as the third generation of the Honda Jazz since its appearance in 2004, now the price has reached Rp. 292.5 million. (Also read: harga mobil Honda Jazz

Various developments have been made to the Honda Jazz since its first appearance which of course has made the price of the Honda Jazz CVT 2020 experience drastic changes. Nearly touched the 100 million mark for the difference. This is certainly a step for Honda to fulfill the expectations of the fans of the Honda Jazz RS CVT 2020.

The racing price of the 2020 Honda Jazz RS CVT certainly cannot be separated from the updates in the exterior to the interior sector. Moreover, in some parts of the old model Honda Jazz, the manufacture was classified as not neat and sometimes even at a certain age it caused a very disturbing sound.

With a variety of refreshments, it certainly makes the Honda Jazz RS CVT 2020 more confident in facing competition in the hatchback class against the 2020 Toyota Yaris, Suzuki Baleno 2020 Hatchback to Mazda 2 and other cars. Indeed, the price of the Honda Jazz RS CVT 2020 as the highest variant is priced at Rp. 292.5 million, while the Toyota Yaris TRD CVT 3AB 2020 is Rp. 296.4 million, Suzuki Baleno AT 2020 hatchback Rp. 245 million and Mazda2 GT AT 2020 with a tag of Rp. 302. 4 million. Be patient, at this time we are not comparing the price of the Honda Jazz RS CVT 2020 with a hatback type city car.

Back again at the price of the Honda Jazz RS CVT 2020, with the official price offered, according to Gaikindo's data for 2019 the Honda Jazz has sold 12,168 units with the largest sales from the Honda Jazz RS AT 2019, which is 10,080 units. Meanwhile, its closest competitor, the Toyota Yaris, has total sales of only 8,033 units.

Meanwhile, according to Gaikindo data (January – October 2020), with the price offered by the Honda Jazz RS CVT 2020, 3,777 units have been sold. The new Toyota Yaris TRD 1.5 CVT 3AB has not been able to break the thousand or only 700 units.

With the price offered by the Honda Jazz RS CVT 2020, there's nothing wrong with seeing the advantages of this third generation Honda jazz.

Engine performance of the Honda Jazz RS CVT 2020

In terms of acceleration, it feels like the 2020 Honda Jazz RS CVT must recognize the Toyota Yaris, but the power generated by the L15A engine with the Automatic CVT transmission with Earth Dreams Technology can deliver power of 120 Ps at 6,600 rpm and torque of 145 Nm at 4,600 rpm.

This makes the Honda Jazz RS often used to participate in touring car races at the Sentul International Circuit. Even the ability of this car cannot be underestimated, with the right settings on the suspension, engine and others has earned it a national title in the 1,500 cc class.

The 2020 Honda Jazz RS CVT not only has capable power, with Drive By Wire (DBW) technology can make fuel consumption efficient. DBW can adjust the throttle valve opening and closing precisely so that fuel consumption can be economical.


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Written by Judith Barsi
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