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Princess Sound Moves the World

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Meng Lihe looked at Guan Yu lying on the bed and kept praying. This is the medicine for you. After examining Guan Yu's injuries, the miraculous doctor turned around and handed over two bottles of medicine. The medicine in this white medicine bottle is applied to the bruises on the body, and the medicine in this black medicine bottle is applied to the painful joints, which can cure contusions. Meng Lihe hurriedly took it, and his heart was really warm. Because she has been studying medicine with the magic doctor for so long, it is no problem to treat this little problem on her body. But the master helped her mix the medicine carefully. This feeling of being spoiled by the elders is really good. But the next sentence.. “Remember to let that smelly boy help you wipe the place you can't reach on your back. Don't be afraid that he will bother to take advantage of him. He can't even see a person well.” The doctor finished and left in a huff. However, Meng Lihe blushed when he thought of the doctor's honest face when he said this. Back yeah.. Master, are you sure it's cheaper for him not to let him help? Why do I feel like I'm the one who's being taken advantage of? Or is it that you don't understand the nature of your disciple at all and say that you have poisonous fire on your body and don't want to move? If you let him wipe it, he won't be able to hold it, okay! Meng Lihe thought again. But speaking of it, that guy has not been seen since the matter of Meng Lizhu was settled during the day, and he has not appeared so late. Where did he go? Before is to create a false impression, so did not enter the palace, today, should not come to the palace to find her? Meng Lihe thought and walked out of the house. Because it's getting dark. However, as soon as Meng Lihe reached the gate of the temple, he heard a voice. Oh, isn't this Sister Huang? Meng Lihe frowned, this voice. The corners of his mouth could not help but raise a sneer, and then turned around. Behind him was not one person, but three beautiful women,portable gold wash plant, all smiling, but there was no temperature in their eyes. At this time, they all looked at her with a smile, and their faces were full of undisguised disdain. The sneer on Meng Lihe's lips did not fade. These are her three imperial sisters. The other three princesses of Fengyi. Yeah, people who have been bullying themselves all the time. Now, what does this look like? Come and bully yourself again? That's really.. That's great! I couldn't ask for more! Otherwise, how can she have so many chances to hit them in the face? So,Portable gold trommel, in the face of their provocative eyes, Meng Lihe did not flinch as they expected this time. Instead, he raised his head and held out his chest. He said proudly, “Do you want to break the rules of the harem when you see the emperor's elder sister?” The three princesses were stunned and then looked at each other. Why is this Meng Lihe different? Didn't you use to walk around when you saw them? Today, unexpectedly take the initiative to let them salute? However, without waiting for them to think clearly, they heard Meng Lihe say, “Come on, the three princesses ignored the rules of the palace and put the three of them..” “Sister Huang!” Meng Lihe has not finished, one of them has already reacted to come over, in time before the arrival of people, “Huang Jie forgive, Huang Mei to Huang Jie please.” When the other two princesses heard this, they immediately answered. After all, seeing Meng Lihe call people, manganese beneficiation plant ,mineral flotation, if they really put it on the table and act according to the rules of the palace, they will suffer. Heroes do not suffer immediate losses, so many years they have plenty of ways to punish her, not bad for a while. Meng Lihe also simply shut up. After all, this little mistake can't do anything to them. Give two mammas at most, and teach them again. It has no real effect. Let her see what else they have to do. See Meng Lihe no longer pursue, a few people immediately relieved, after all, is not that weak princess in the bone? Just now, at most, it was just an affectation. Or do you feel that your own brother has become the emperor and has confidence? But what's the use of that? The proton princess who has been married is equivalent to the abandoned chess piece. Thinking of this, several people rolled their eyes and suddenly pretended to be concerned. “Huang Jie, we just want to come and see you, after all, you came all the way from the Qing country, is it difficult that the king of Qin is not good to you, do not want you?” Meng Lihe's eyes narrowed, watching them say words of concern, but his eyes revealed a vicious and happy look, just want to fight back, but listen to the voice of Yu Wenche behind him suddenly sounded. Who said the king didn't want a princess? Chapter 374 absence makes the heart grow fonder. Meng Lihe was stupefied and turned to look at Yu Wenche, who was walking towards him with a cloak in his hand. Walking to her side, he did not look at the three people opposite, but put his coat on her body, showing the tenderness of his eyes: “It's still a little cold at night, remember to wear more in the future, or come back early.” Meng Lihe nodded, originally, he is to see himself did not go back, so to find her? Can not help but smile at him: “This is not back.” Yu Wenche helped her tighten her neckline a little more. Two people mix oil with honey in the whole process, and they love each other so much that they can't look directly. They were just stunned by the three people who were still completely ignored by them. Yuwen Che did not appear in the palace these days, and in order to let Meng Lizhu throw himself into the trap, Meng Lihe in the palace news, in addition to a few insiders, is also completely not disclosed. So they didn't know Meng Lihe had come back until today. Moreover, I did not hear that King Qin was also there. In addition, in their hearts, there is also a deep-rooted thought, that is, Meng Lihe married in the past must be suffering, that even if there is no way to kill her fair and square for the contract between the two countries, the most is to let her linger there. If you come back this time, maybe you will escape. But, unexpectedly, this Qin Wang unexpectedly also came together? And see Qin Wang to her like this, that can be said to be extremely lucky. Send a cloak in person and come out to greet you? My God,Carbon in Pulp, they never thought a man would do such a thing for a woman, and besides, this is a prince!. ore-magnetic-mining.com


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