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The principle of white corundum sandblasting seems simple, but every step is very critical and necessary. If the surface of the object is directly sandblasted instead of first removing the dust, its adhesion life on the surface of the object will be greatly reduced, and it is difficult to achieve ideal application prediction.

White corundum can make the surface to be cleaned achieve the required cleanliness and surface roughness at the same time, and improve the adhesion of the coating on the substrate. white fused alumina manufacturers No matter how good the coating is, if there is no surface treatment for a long time, the time it can adhere to the surface of the workpiece will be reduced.

In the white corundum sandblasting effect, the desired surface pretreatment effect is to clean the surface and convert the surface layer into the required roughness of the coating. After being coated with a good-performance industrial coating on the surface of sandblasted steel parts, its life can be much longer than that of the same quality coating on the surface treated by other methods.

Another advantage of sandblasting is that workpieces whose surface is not smooth can be smoothed by it. Simply put, the purpose of sandblasting is to smoothen the rough surface, but the rough surface needs to be cleaned up before the sandblasting operation. .www.hslabrasive.com


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