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Congratulations! You have got a new job offer as a fashion designer from a renowned multinational company based in Greater Noida and your happiness knows no bounds. However, it also cannot be denied that with the joy also comes the stress of packing and shifting, which may eat up a lot of time. One of the major hurdles for any fashion designer is packing the clothes because any damage to the outfits during relocation can give him/her a serious headache and ruin all the hard work. 

If you think that moving a wardrobe full of designer clothes is child’s play, then this is your biggest misconception. If you are shifting for the first time, then determining the best process of packing the dresses in an organized manner is no doubt a challenging task. You can avoid damage to your outfits during shifting by considering the suggestions provided by professional packers and movers in Greater Noida Let’s do it!

How to Pack Designer Clothes in 3 Easy Steps

If you formulate a well-detailed plan while shifting the house to the new location, then you may certainly avoid your designer dresses from getting wrinkles that may prove to be costly, if a date of your fashion show is knocking on the door. Hence, for the stress free experience, it is important that follow the three prominent steps to pack designer clothes when relocating:

Step 1: Decluttering Your Wardrobe

Getting rid of unwanted clothes from your wardrobe is one of the first steps that you must consider while packing for the relocation. Packing the outfits that you have not even used for 2-3 years is certainly a waste of time and moreover, you end up inflating your moving bill and nothing else. It is imperative that you must have a close look at your closet and either make a garbage or donation bag to put the unwanted clothing. Once you have gotten rid of the old dresses, it is important that you must not waste any time in donating the outfits before you change your mind. 

Step 2: Take Extra Care of Expensive Clothings

It is one of the most important steps that you must take into consideration when packing clothes for the new location in Greater Noida. Taking extra care of expensive or designer outfits while packing requires well-detailed planning, especially when you are shifting for the first time. The top packers and movers in Noida suggest getting a quality garment bag that safeguards the clothes from pests, moisture and wrinkles. You can also consider placing a sachet of the naphthalene balls between the bags to get rid of the pests like moths. These precautions are not needed every time, particularly when you are making a short distance relocation, but if your goods are required to be stored for a long period of time, then extra care of the expensive dresses becomes vital.

Step 3: Make Use of the Hangers

If you are a fashion designer, then keeping the clothes on the hanger is an absolute necessity as it prevents wrinkles and also does not take any extra space in the closet. One of the significant advantages of using the hangers is that it helps in saving time and makes relocation a hassle-free experience. If you are taking assistance from relocation service providers in India, then most of them use the garment boxes, which are sturdy and most importantly contain a hanging rod inside. It is important not to overload the garment boxes, otherwise, it may become a challenging task for the shifting service providers to lift the box and load it into the transportation truck. Furthermore, make sure to seal the garment box with good quality tape and label it correctly. 

Pro Tips for Packing and Moving Dresses Damage Free

  • Pro Tip #1: Pack the light clothing items on the bottom of the garment box.
  • Pro Tip #2: Label each box correctly so that you know which one to unpack first according to your need.
  • Pro Tip #3: if there are fashion accessories to be packed along with the clothing, then make a separate box for the same.

The Bottom Line:

Relocating the wardrobe filled with expensive designer clothes might seem to be mind-boggling, but it is quite an easier task, especially when you carry out comprehensive research work and hire professional packers and movers service providers in Greater Noida. If the outfits are packed in the right manner before you relocate, then you will not only remain stress-free but also get tons of appreciation in your fashion show.










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