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Proactive Health Care: Enhancing Immunity with 5 Pillars of Wellness

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In this episode of ‘A Healthy Point of View” podcast, host Sam Tejada interviewed Dr. Christopher Davis, Chief Medical Officer at Liquivida®️, who specializes in functional medicine.

They discussed the importance of proactive health care, focusing on enhancing the immune system through nutrition, fitness, mental health, and other wellness practices. Dr. Davis emphasizes the importance of micronutrients, particularly B Vitamins, in maintaining health and combating illnesses. He also highlighted the role of Vitamin D and K2 in the body’s absorption of calcium and the importance of maintaining a balance between these vitamins.

Additionally, they also discussed the benefits of intravenous (IV) therapy, which can provide nutrients in concentrations that can be absorbed by the body’s cells.

Finally, Dr. Davis recommended regular testing to ensure optimal nutrient levels and to address any deficiencies. Read more: https://podcast.samtejada.com/proactive-health-care-enhancing-immunity-with-5-pillars-of-wellness-ep-4-dr-christopher-davis/

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