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When we talk about immigrate to anywhere, there can be more than ways and more than one types of immigration.

Immigration can be temporary or permanent with purpose of studying, working, establish business and/or settling down. Immigrate typically means to settle in another country permanently. So let’s discuss different ways.

For Canada, they have program of Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) where they invite the application and choose the candidates based on various factors through their point system.

These factors include but not limited to your age, education, work experience, Canadian education and work experience, your blood relative or family member staying in Canada and job offer in Canada.

Let’s discuss the Express Entry process in brief

    1. Find out if your profile is eligible. You can check out on official website “canada.ca”. There are various streams available for the profile.
    2. If you are eligible, you can start gathering the documents as per the requirements.
    3. Once you fill the form, your profile in the pool will have certain points as per their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. This score depend upon the factors mentioned above.
    4. You can submit your profile and get your score and wait for the draw to happen. If your points are higher than their cut off point, you will receive Invitation to Apply (ITA).
    5. Receiving ITA, you can submit final application and on approval, you will receive PR.

Let’s move to another part called PNP

    1. There are different programs available as per the provinces. So first determine which province you want to move and check if you are eligible for the same. Again, you check their official website.
    2. Check the timeline as per the program that helps you to plan for future.
    3. Nominee Programs are aligned with Express Entry programs as well. You can start process by determining if you want to apply with Express Entry or Non-Express Entry. We recommend applying through Express Entry aligned program.
    4. Once you fill out your form and submit the profile, you will again have to wait for nomination which is just like ITA.
    5. Receiving the nomination, you can go for final step of application and PR is just one acceptance away.

If you are applying through Express Entry aligned program, and you receive nomination from a province, you will get 600 points in your Express Entry profile on acceptance making your way easy for PR.

There is another option as well. If you are young enough, you can apply for student visa, go there and study for the given period, then you can receive the Post Graduate Work Permit on your eligibility. While you work there, you can find out how you can be eligible for Express Entry or PNP, and apply for the same. Degree and Experience within Canada will earn you higher points in draw system and gets you higher chances of reaching cut-off points.

Let us tell you about brief process of studying abroad

    1. You can first find out the higher education study program that suits your profile, and apply to the best suitable college.
    2. Gather the required documents and apply for your admission application.
    3. You may need to submit Statement of Purpose (SOP) why you want to study there.
    4. Pay your tuition fees and other required funds.
    5. Wait for the offer.

On receiving the offer, you can apply for study permit and visa and relocate to Canada and start studying. Along with that, you can work part time that helps you with the expenses as well. Until December 31, 2023, students are allowed to work full time.

If you wish to apply for study permit, you can get in touch with us where our counsellors will guide you from each and every process. Or you can check out our MyStudia web and application to explore the program and apply yourself without any hustle.

For the other pathways to apply for the immigration, you can get in touch with our service partner Winny Immigration where you will be given up to end guidance for the process with experience of more than 4 decades.

Please note that in the process, if your profile or documentation is incomplete, it may have adverse consequences. Therefore always make sure you fill out the profile properly. Mostly, Canadian govt gives you an option to submit remaining documents by requesting the same and gives you sufficient time.

You have different pathways to apply for immigration to Canada and you can seek an expert consultant’s guidance on what suits the best. Choose wisely, process actively!


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