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The impact of technology can't be overlooked in any aspect of our lives, and the fashion sector being the most integral part of our lives, can't be left untouched by the latest technological forces. These developments help companies innovate their business models and expand their business horizons. The online product customization software offers a similar online platform to fashion and luxury companies willing to grow beyond the traditional format and let the customers be a part of their decision-making process. The tool comes with various latest solutions that enable fashion houses to gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving and intense competing fashion sector.  

Product Customization Tool Enables Fashion and Luxury Brands to Embrace New Age Solutions 

The advent of technology has placed the fashion sector in a better position. The fashion and luxury products made have a longer life than the previous ones as technology has resulted in major changes in the manufacturing and distribution of the products. The human-made innovations, such as polyester, nylon, and vinyl, as well as features like zippers and Velcro. These days, the digitization of the economy and societal impacts on the fashion sector is gradually increasing, for instance, the use of RFID (radio-frequency identification) chip built into the garment is used more nowadays because it helps buyers to track the path of the garment from production to the retail store, and shows them that whether they have bought a brand product or a fake. It also helps customers easily retrieve the product if it gets lost or is misplaced. These recent technological advancements indicate that many new avenues need to be explored, which will help fashion and luxury brands and retailers regain momentum and reinvent themselves in the market.  

The fashion sector that we know about is all about craft and creativity, and in recent times, the need to embrace new-age technology and become more digital is the only viable option to survive and thrive in the sector. Many leading names in the fashion and luxury sectors have embraced the new reality with open arms and making their business model more digital and flexible to accommodate any more changes in the sector. The digitization of the production processes from planning to shelf, from testing to piloting different approaches and many other things offer unlimited opportunities to grow and generate more value. It is expectable for brands and retailers to approach slowly as many are still becoming hands-on with the new technological advancements, such as metaverse. The new hit and IT business help companies to perform under uncertainties and constant pressure while also enabling them to launch their new collections. Against the weight of everyday operations, digital transformation can seem daunting even if fashion executives recognize that their business is too reliant on manual steps, too prone to error, too inefficient, and too slow.  

Let us get a deeper sense of what is happening around digital technology and how efficiently fashion and luxury sectors are capitalizing on it:  

  1. Fashion Brands Gradually Adjust with the Metaverse

Since the fashion sector has embraced virtual reality, there is no looking back. Many leading companies and show hosts are using the new-age technology, for instance, from February 10 to 13, the first part of Digital Fashion Week New York (DFWNY) took place, which brought together creators and innovators from the fashion and technology industries to work together at the vanguard the digital fashion movement. Several rounds of discussions were held to educate a new generation of digital designers. It is apparent that small steps towards the metaverse are already underway, and offering digital sampling to customers before they purchase will take the fashion business to new heights. The purely digitally created designs are available to shoppers to purchase as NFTs. However, all these processes and solutions are still in their infancy stage and still largely dependent upon the traditional eCommerce model.   

The 3D product customizer is an online fashion customization solution that allows brands and retailers to test the waters in the online marketplace and play around the digital solutions. The customized tool enables companies to let their customers gain the upper hand in designing their apparel, footwear, handbag, jewelry,  caps, mugs, and many other products. These solutions allow your customer to customize these products and get a 360-degree of tailored products in 3d technology from the comfort of their homes. 

  1. Market Leverages BNPL Model to Lure in More Buyers

The current eCommerce model is outdated and needs to adapt to the modern needs of the customers while generating returns for the brands. Many in the luxury sector have experimented with new approaches with digitization at their core and have realized that immersive experience will have more to offer in the coming days. With customers spending a significant amount of time using these solutions, it is better to lure them by visually appealing. This will make them less distracted and more excited to leave things in opened tabs or baskets. Therefore, the fundamental starting point is to move platforms through which people are accessing these services. For instance, Anne Klein unveiled its spring 2022 campaign during New York Fashion Week, revealing digitally-led activations starring supermodel and activist Joan Smalls.  

The brand has opted to provide a ‘see it now, buy it now' lookbook and video presentation, released through CFDA's Runway 360 platform, which comes as the brand's first addition to a multiyear campaign that will showcase a “dynamic” woman and celebrity each season. Each celebrated individual will be displayed in the brand's print, video and digital activations. Actress Gina Rodriguez will be the second talent to be featured in the brand's autumn 2022 campaign, with additional names for next year to be announced later.  

Closing Comments-  

To sum up the blog, the fashion and luxury brands and retailers are looking forward to the coming breakthrough in fashion' digitization. In the days to come, communication will become even more crucial, and intimate between brands and consumers and technology will facilitate easy accessibility of events along with providing new ways of shopping. The online product customization software by iDesigniBuy offers similar eCommerce-based customization solutions enabling fashion brands and retailers to dive into the ocean of new opportunities to expand the business. It meets all the requirements to integrate all forms of digitization, from supply chain and creation to showcasing the power of new technologies.  

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