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Activated carbon has a certain adsorption ability and can be used as catalyst disposal. However, there are many types of activated carbon, and the manufacturing process is also different.carbon pellets manufacturer For example, square columnar activated carbon has a cylindrical shape, and it is divided into two categories that are more used in activated carbon. .

The production process of columnar activated carbon is to grind coconut shells, fruit shells, coal, wood chips and other raw materials into powder, not necessarily powder, just reach a certain number of meshes, and then add a certain adhesive, which is commonly used. Normally it is pitch tar, viscous agent and water at a certain temperature, so that the viscous agent and water and these raw material powders are evenly mixed.

After the forming machine is extruded into an aid-shaped carbon strip under a specific pressure, it is manufactured by carbonization and activation. The carbonization and carbonization is the use of physical and chemical methods to stop the production. coconut activated carbon After the carbonization is completed at a certain temperature, the screen is stopped. Qualified carbonized materials are screened out, and the activation is stopped in the activation furnace.

After activation, these activated materials also need to be sieved. After sieving, they are packaged into cylindrical activated carbon. The remaining activated carbon after sieving can be recycled and processed again, and can also be made into granular activated carbon or powdered activated carbon. However, the formed columnar activated carbon needs to stop pickling and immersion treatment according to the needs of consumers.


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