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Professional Services to Avoid Health Risks of Methamphetamine Contamination 

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Eco Decontamination Systems (EDS) is a leading provider of meth decontamination services in New Zealand. The company has developed advanced technology and processes to safely and effectively remove meth residues from buildings, vehicles, and other surfaces. Their Meth Testing Kits are designed to help individuals and businesses assess the presence of meth in their building. Just trust EDS and get started the decontamination process.  

What is Meth Decontamination? 

Meth Decontamination NZ is the process of removing meth residues from a building or vehicle. Meth is in fact a dangerous drug that can pose serious health issues. These meth residues can be absorbed through the skin and bring problems of headaches, nausea, and in severe cases, organ damage. 

Meth residue is not visible to the naked eye, and it can linger for years after a manufacturing or use event. This is why it is essential to opt for a professional Meth Decontamination NZ like EDS to thoroughly remove the residue and ensure the safety of the occupants. 

How Does EDS's Meth Decontamination Work? 

Meth Decontamination process by EDS involves several steps, including: 

  • Assessment  

EDS conducts a comprehensive assessment of the property to determine the extent of the meth contamination. 

  • Cleaning  

EDS uses advanced cleaning technologies and techniques to remove meth residue from all surfaces, including walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture. 

  • Testing  

The professionals conduct a series of tests to ensure that there is no meth contamination. They have been removed and the property is safe for occupants. The company confirms that the property is safe and meets all government regulations. 

Why Opt for Meth Decontamination Services 

There are several benefits of using meth decontamination services, including: 

  • Safety 

Meth residue can pose serious health risks to anyone exposed to it. The professional decontamination services ensure that the property is safe for occupants. 

  • Experience 

EDS has years of experience in meth decontamination and has developed advanced technologies and processes to ensure the best results. 

Meth Testing Kits 

In addition to meth decontamination services, EDS also offers Meth Testing Kits to help individuals and businesses assess the presence of meth in their environment. Meth testing kits are easy to use and provide accurate results within minutes. The kits are ideal for landlords, property managers, and homeowners who want to ensure the safety of their occupants without hiring professionals. 

Benefits of Using Meth Testing Kits 

There are several benefits of using these kits, including: 

Convenience: These kits are easy to use and provide quick results. 

Cost-effective: They are an affordable way to test for meth residue. 

Safety: Meth testing kits provide an easy and safe way to test for Meth residue, without the need for professional equipment. 

The consumption of methamphetamine is becoming widespread, so getting help from EDS is the most effective solution to get rid of the accumulation of harmful toxins. Do not put your life at risk and let the specialist from EDS provide meth testing and cleaning services or order meth testing kits as soon as possible.  



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