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  1. Beauty
Original Title: GH1015 (GH15, GR5) Superalloy Plate | Pipe | Strip GH1015 I. Introduction of GH1015: GH1015 is a FE-NI-CR based solution strengthened wrought superalloy, which is used at temperatures below 950 degrees. The alloy is solution strengthened by adding elements such as chromium,titanium exhaust tubing, tungsten and molybdenum. The alloy has high plasticity, medium […]
  1. Biotech
Original Title: TA 1 Titanium Alloy Bar-TA 1 Titanium Alloy Plate TA 1 titanium alloy Titanium and its alloys have the advantages of high specific strength, oxidation resistance, chloride ion corrosion resistance and good biocompatibility. It is widely used in aerospace, marine engineering, yacht manufacturing, island reef construction, seawater desalination, medical equipment and other industries. […]
  1. Biotech
Original Title: 1020 Carbon Steel 1020 Round Steel Standard steel grade: 1020 carbon steel 1020CRS CS1020 ASTM1020 AISI1020 SAE1020 UNS1020 AMSE1020 1020 ASTM A29/A29M-2012 A108 1020 Chemical composition and mechanical properties: Expand the full text Carbon steel plate carbon steel bar carbon steel strip carbon steel wire CRS CS steel tensile plate tensile bar Low […]
  1. Beauty
Original Title: Development and Application of Titanium Welded Pipe in China Titanium has been processed into various forms and forms of products used in various fields because of its excellent corrosion resistance and high specific strength. Titanium welded pipe is a relatively unique product form in the titanium family, which is made of titanium and […]
  1. Blogging
Original title: You certainly don't know much about these two avant-garde new building materials! Building materials are the material basis of construction projects. From the beginning of construction on the earth to the prosperity of high-rise buildings in today's cities, the diversity of materials has gone through thousands of years with the progress of architectural […]
  1. Comics
Original Title: Hot Spots | Breaking Foreign Monopoly and Strengthening China's Military Prestige, How Does Xiangtou Jintian, the Leading Titanium Material, Work Hard in the PTA Industry? Wen | our reporter with Li Na Editor | Chen Qiong Zhou Hui probably did not expect that many years later, he would become attached to chemical fibers […]
  1. Cities
Classification of Nickel-Titanium Alloy Wires Evans and Durning Classification Classification of nickel-titanium alloy wires-Evans and Durning classification 1) In 1940, gold arch wire, cobalt-chromium alloy wire and stainless steel round wire. 2) Martensitic stabilized alloys in 1960: most of them are made of nickel-titanium alloys after deformation in the martensitic state. This kind of arch […]
  1. Business
Originally published as Not wearing underwear in 2021? I was shocked after reading it! Hello, sisters, good evening. Have you seen a group of photos exposed on the Internet? Zhang Shaohan, wearing a backless high-slit skirt, has beautiful legs and graceful posture, which has attracted the praise of netizens! I have to say that the […]
  1. Artificial Intelligence
Original title: How to measure and customize the cabinet door Recently, I just finished installing a house. This is the third house I have installed in my life. Did not find a decoration company, in order to save money. Ambry, it is the person that everybody wants to decorate new home, a major event that […]
  1. Affiliate Marketing
Original Title: Yucheng, Henan: Why can a Small Steel Tape Measure Measure the World? China Steel Tape City — — Yucheng County Committee Publicity Department of Yucheng County, Henan Province Labeling, packing and sealing, Song Dongmei, a 57-year-old employee of Shangqiu Keming Measuring Tools Co., Ltd., is skillfully assembling steel tapes. “More than 85% of […]
  1. Artificial Intelligence
Original title: Customize Mouse Buttons-X-Mouse Button Control Many famous brands provide mouse control center software for users to customize buttons, such as Logitech,printed tape measure, Leibo,bespoken tape measure, Shuangfeiyan and so on. But there are also many five-button mice (DPI switch keys are not included) that do not have this kind of software, such as […]


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