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The research company Gartner, in its status report Zero Trust Architecture and Solutions, predicted the future of ZTA. By 2023, 60% of organizations will use a Zero Trust security model instead of virtual private networks. This is because the network infrastructure of enterprises is becoming more complex, and many employees work remotely. There are more […]
Construction management software According to McKinsey, construction projects take 20% longer to complete and are 80% over the budget. To solve these problems, companies are implementing construction management software. We will tell you what this solution is and how it helps businesses. Typical reasons why construction projects fail Construction is the largest sector of the world […]
Blockchain is one of the most popular technologies of the last decade. Some enterprises believe that innovation will improve the way they do business and plan to develop blockchain software. Other organizations are still considering if they should use this technology. Anyway, blockchain is rapidly penetrating all areas of the economy and, according to Gartner, […]
Technology provides healthcare organizations with many benefits. Clinics save money, organize internal processes more efficiently, and serve patients better. But not all medical institutions are ready to embrace innovation. They question the suitability of technology and don’t know how to switch to a new format of work. They consider innovations as additional costs which are […]
How continuous testing improves Agile and DevOps As businesses embrace Agile and DevOps, continuous integration (CI), delivery (CD), and testing (CT) are becoming key elements that help to improve the product. According to the latest research, organizations using this pipeline in a software development life cycle deploy code 208 times more frequently, fix bugs 2.6 times […]
Technology companies have a special place in the world of marketing. Users expect high-quality innovation news and easy-to-understand technical articles from them. And 78% of customers visit websites of IT companies for elearning software development services that helps to solve issues in the IT environment. And all this work must somehow lead to sales. Without a […]
Nowadays, it is hard to imagine an educational institution that doesn’t use a learning management system (LMS). In 2020, with quarantines and lockdowns, LMSs became a necessity for teachers and students. At the moment, restrictions are gradually being lifted in different countries, and LMSs are becoming more of a valuable addition to the educational process […]
As a global city, London is home to numerous businesses from various sectors of the economy. Information technology is also flourishing here attracting leading IT professionals who develop state-of-the-art software. In this piece, we’ll review 10 custom software development companies in London that the Clutch service rates as the best. Searching for the right developer […]
Nowadays, blockchain is gaining global popularity as numerous businesses start to implement this technology. Fintech, healthcare, automotive, and telecommunications are just a few industries that profit from using blockchain-based apps. Logistics is also among them. In this article, we’ll review five efficient blockchain-based solutions that help logistics companies and other supply chain participants arrange seamless […]
Specialists from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles found that the pandemic forced patients with cardiovascular disease to apply for virtual consultations through telemedicine applications. Before the outbreak of COVID-19, about 13,000 people per week used telemedicine services. At the beginning of the pandemic, their number increased to 1.7 million.  A brief outline of the […]
For 15 years, Andersen has been delivering cutting-edge logistics solutions, healthcare, fintech, automotive, and other industries. This reputable European software development company not only provides innovative IT services but also regards human life as the highest value. Therefore, in addition to developing state-of-the-art software solutions, Andersen is engaged in non-profit activities aimed at those who […]
Andersen is a European Outsourced IT company. For 15 years it has been successfully developing software solutions for such industries as healthcare, logistics, fintech, automotive, media & entertainment, and others. Besides providing high-quality services, one of the company’s top priorities is human life. Therefore, this software developer has condemned the war in Ukraine and is […]
Andersen is a leading European software development company delivering state-of-the-art digital products for various industries. Business growth and market recognition are not the only priorities here. For this tech company, human life is an undeniable value.  On February 24, the lives of millions of Ukrainians were shattered. People lost their relatives, friends, and homes. Many […]
The COVID-19 pandemic has provoked immense growth in online activities. Citizens of many countries have faced the sad reality of lockdowns, quarantines, and other severe restrictions. However, it is impossible to stop life completely, and people need hope. Some industries have almost fully transferred their services online to adapt to the present-day demands. Education is […]


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