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When preparing for the school year in South Africa, there are several essential stationery items that students typically need to ensure they're well-equipped for their studies. Here's a list of must-have items on a back-to-school stationery list in South Africa: 1. Pens and Pencils: Various pens (blue or black) and pencils (with erasers) are essential for writing […]
Somaliland refugees encounter a range of challenges as they seek safety and stability in new environments. To provide effective support, it's essential to understand and address these challenges. Here are some of the key challenges faced by Somaliland refugees and potential ways to support them: 1. Displacement and Loss: Many Somaliland refugees have experienced displacement due to conflict, […]
Donation drives are typically held to generate money for a variety of humanitarian purposes, such as helping those in need, assisting areas hit by conflicts or natural disasters, or tackling particular problems like access to food, shelter, healthcare, and education. An organization located in South Africa called Ashraful Aid has started a campaign called “Donate for Palestine,” […]
Introduction Charitable organizations are essential in providing hope and help to the most vulnerable communities in a society where poverty, inequality, and humanitarian catastrophes are prevalent. Among these groups, Ashraful Aid stands out as an Islamic charity devoted to assisting the world's underprivileged. Through their creative “Donate Sadaqah Online” campaign, they have been able to […]
Helping those in need is a vital aspect of any society. People living in poverty often face various challenges, including lack of access to basic needs such as food, shelter, and healthcare. Many nonprofit organizations are working to address these issues and help people living in poverty, both domestically and internationally. These nonprofit organizations rely on donations and volunteers […]
Every child has the fundamental right to an education, but sadly, many around the world lack access to a high-quality education because of financial constraints. The scenario is the same in South Africa. Many kids come from low-income households and struggle to pay for things like textbooks, uniforms, and other essentials like school supplies. The […]
Depending on the particular circumstances and requirements of the people or non profit organizations you are attempting to help, either donating goods or money might be beneficial in various ways. Here are some things to think about for each choice.: Donating items: Impact right away: Donating specific products, such food hampers for the whole family, clothing, or household […]
In order to better understand their spirituality, Muslims fast for the entire month of Ramadan from sunrise until dark, forgoing food, water, and other physical requirements. Zakat donation is one of the most important components of Ramadan. Muslims consider charitable giving to be both a moral obligation and an opportunity to purify one’s money and receive […]


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