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Nutshell activated carbon has the advantages of large specific surface area, well-developed micropores, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, fast adsorption speed, easy regeneration, and long service life. This product uses pure fruit shell core as the raw material, through a special process method, the carbon body carries silver with an elastic fiber structure, and achieves […]
Coal-based activated carbon is usually carbonized at a temperature of 350-600°C. In the carbonization process, most of the non-carbon elements-hydrogen and oxygen are first eliminated in the form of gas due to the high temperature decomposition of the raw materials, eliminating the volatile and moisture in the raw materials, and the released elemental carbon atoms […]
In the process of sewage treatment, polyaluminum chloride is sometimes used, and polyacrylamide is sometimes used. Both are already used for sewage treatment. Why are there two different varieties? The two of course have different uses, so what is the difference between polyacrylamide and polyaluminum chloride in use? Polyaluminum chloride is an inorganic flocculant, and […]
Coconut shell activated carbon for tannery wastewater treatment is a specially treated carbon species. It has countless small pores, large surface area and strong adsorption capacity. It can effectively adsorb heavy metal chromium, soluble protein, dander, and suspension in wastewater pollutants from tannery. Substances, tannins, lignin, inorganic salts, oils, surfactants, dyes and resins. The adsorption […]
Honeycomb activated carbon is made of high-quality coal activated carbon as raw material, then pressed into a honeycomb mold and then activated and fired at high temperature. activated charcoal wholesale australia Honeycomb activated carbon has the characteristics of large specific surface area, small through-hole resistance, developed micropores, high adsorption capacity and long service life. It […]
Adsorption properties are the primary properties of activated carbon. Activated carbon has like graphite crystal grains but irregularly arranged microcrystals. activated carbon pellets manufacturer During the activation process, pores of different shapes and sizes are generated between the crystallites. Assuming that the pores of activated carbon are cylindrical pores, the radius of the pores can […]
In recent years, people’s awareness of environmental protection has continued to increase, and people have paid more and more attention to the problems of reducing pollution, purifying the air, and protecting the earth. yongruida pellet activated carbon Under the changes of the environment, activated carbon has become the “new favorite” of the environmental protection community. […]
Nutshell activated carbon has good adsorption capacity and good decolorization ability, with developed pores and ample internal space, which can absorb various impurities and organic matter, etc., as a professional water purification activated carbon, a small amount of nutshell activated carbon can be used in the beverage and beverage industries. To a good effect. Stable, […]
Alumina powder has good sintering performance, high conversion rate and low sodium content. The product quality is reliable, with high melting point, good thermal stability, high hardness, good wear resistance, high mechanical strength, good electrical insulation and corrosion resistance. Alumina powder is the main component of brown corundum and white corundum. Its quality determines the […]
We know that the distribution of macropores, transition pores and micropores of activated carbon affects the adsorption capacity of activated carbon for specific adsorbed substances. Different adsorption materials should choose activated carbon products with corresponding pore size distribution. There are many methods to measure the pore size distribution of activated carbon. Before we introduced the […]
Columnar activated carbon can be used for sewage treatment, and the method of using columnar activated carbon for different sewage will be different. Today I will introduce the difference between refinery sewage and petrochemical sewage purification! In oil refinery sewage, the adsorbed substances of columnar activated carbon are mainly hydrocarbons. In petrochemical plant sewage, the […]
Powdered activated carbon uses high-quality wood residue and fruit pits as raw materials, and is produced by the zinc chloride method. wanyang granular activated carbon It has a relatively developed mesoporous structure, large absorption volume, and rapid filtering. It is widely used in industrial production in the pharmaceutical industry, biochemical industry, such as fading of […]
Nutshell activated carbon treats mercury-containing wastewater. Activated carbon has the effect of adsorbing mercury and mercury, but the adsorption capacity is limited, and it is only suitable for wastewater with low mercury content. If the mercury concentration is high, it can be treated by chemical precipitation, the mercury content is about 1mg/L, up to 2≤3mg/L, […]
Coconut shell activated carbon for drinking water improves taste-coconut shell activated carbon for water purification. Coconut shell activated carbon manufacturers have complete product specifications. carbon powder for sale Coconut shell charcoal is a kind of carbon with better effects in drinking water purification, dechlorination, algae removal, oxygen absorption, and catalytic carrier. Water purifiers, filter element fillings […]
The paint spray booth activated carbon adsorption method adopts a new type of activated carbon, which has large specific surface area and porosity, strong adsorption capacity, good mechanical strength, chemical stability and thermal stability. If double-layer adsorption is adopted, the organic waste gas can be contacted with the activated carbon. , The organic pollutants in […]
Activated carbon has strong physical and chemical adsorption functions, and also has detoxification effects. The detoxification effect is to use its huge area to adsorb poisons in the micropores of activated carbon, thereby preventing the absorption of poisons. At the same time, activated carbon can be combined with a variety of chemical substances to prevent […]
Coal-based activated carbon products have developed pore structure, good chemical stability and mechanical strength, and are an excellent broad-spectrum carbonaceous adsorption material. coal based activated carbon manufacturer According to the different appearance, coal-based activated carbon can be divided into coal-based granular activated carbon and coal-based powdered activated carbon, and granular activated carbon is divided into […]
As an excellent adsorption material, honeycomb activated carbon uses the excellent adsorption capacity of activated carbon, which is pressed into honeycomb shape by mold, so that the activated carbon can contact with air more fully. Increasing the contact area of activated carbon surface with air is to enhance the adsorption capacity of honeycomb activated carbon. […]
Carbon in the form of granular activated carbon (GAC) has the most flexible properties. granular activated carbon manufacturer For water treatment, granular activated carbon combines perfectly with other media such as phosphates, resins and sediment collectors, and can be used for specific pollutant targets. Use clean, acid washed large particle pitch carbon, the particle range […]
In 2017, the EPA announced that tap water in the San Francisco Bay Area contained 13 contaminants above the recommended limit. These contaminants included arsenic, bromodichloromethane, bromate, bromoform, chlorate, and chloroform, among several other heavy metals. The source of contamination isn’t fully understood and the dangers represented by the contaminants is also unclear. But there […]


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