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In the field of oil and gas, there are a variety of factors that can reduce equipment lifespan. Drilling, transportation of oil and gas to industries, continual encounters with turbulent seas and constant exposure to harsh weather conditions are just some instances. These conditions require durable Pipe Coating to prolong the life of equipment even […]
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Cementitious Waterproofing is applied on wet areas like pools, bathrooms, toilets, etc. Cementitious waterproofing is as effective as coal tar epoxy is for metal and concrete surfaces of industrial areas. Cementitious is probably the easiest type of waterproofing in construction areas. Other advantages of cementitious waterproofing make it the first choice for waterproofing. In this […]
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It is no wonder that sealants are necessary for the construction of various building areas. They are apt materials for both residential and commercial environments and prevent water, air, dust, and other fluids and substances from entering surfaces like joints. The smallest openings that even cement mortar or concrete couldn’t fill can be filled by […]
  1. Environment
Corrosion assessment is done for several reasons. Sometimes it is for evaluating material in a different environmental condition, while other times it is to estimate the test efficiency of substances that reduce a material’s corrosion rate. Plus, understanding the corrosion mechanism is another reason. Based on these reasons, the corrosion tests are categorized into lab […]
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When it comes to choosing the right pyp kote wrapping tape, the major property that contractors consider is its shelf life.  Shelf life is basically the time span of material during which it remains fit for application. In order to meet the shelf life of materials, manufacturers lay down minimum environmental conditions in which it […]
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The stress corrosion cracks are caused by several factors in combination with environmental factors. These cracks are basically a result of the corrosion and tensile strength combined. While corrosion is concerned with the susceptibility of the pipe material to the surroundings, tensile stress can be concerned with the operational, residual, or external factors. The common […]


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