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Larimar comprises the Sky and Ocean energies. The stone from the Dominican Republic was first discovered by an artisan Miguel Mendez who put its name on his daughter's name Larrisa. The crystals are used in the form of Larimar Jewelry like larimar rings, pendants, and bracelets. Healers use this gem to grab the peace of mind and tranquility in life. Generally, […]
According to Chinese culture, wearing Maw Sit Sit Jewelry enhances happiness and fills the spirit with a positive attitude. It also produces a barrier of protection and shields the soul from evil. Along with the exterior relaxation, the stone's resonant green energies also suffuse the inside torso with a calming sensation. The emotions of despair […]
Mystic topaz is mystical and vibrant, as its name suggests. The unusual gemstone known as rainbow-hued mystic topaz has a captivating appearance. This stone has a captivating look and displays lovely color variation. Topaz has received admiration and adoration throughout time. Additionally connected to religion and cultural customs is topaz. It has been linked to […]
 Harmonize body, spirit, thoughts, and emotions by styling Larimar gemstone. Get the perfect beach look by styling soothing and tempting Larimar Jewelry. Its beautiful sea blue color and exquisite patterns make it alluring when it gets crafted in the form of ornament. Boost your self-awareness by enhancing the intuitive powers of the Larimar gemstone ornament. […]
The chrysocolla is a stunning blue-green stone. This attractive stone is opaque in transparency and has a vitreous luster. A phyllosilicate mineral called chrysocolla is frequently discovered in rounded aggregates, vein fills, or crusts. The stone contains a significant amount of copper. This stone's hues of blue and green stand for wisdom, communication, and transformation. […]


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