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Revenue cycle management is at the core of any health care service provider’s sustained existence and growth. The revenue cycle management process keeps track of patients and the revenue side of their treatment. Healthcare providers may make use of standalone revenue cycle management software or incorporate it into their medical appointment software or plug it […]
  1. Health
There are street cars optimized across various performance characteristics but not excelling in any one. Then there are racing cars with fine tuned engines, suspension and handling to excel in performance. This analogy can be carried forward to health care services IT solutions and their key performance metrics such as patient services and revenue generation. […]
  1. Health
Change is constant. This applies to the field of patient data whether it is handled by individual doctors or by large hospitals and healthcare services providers across the country. From storing patient records in Excel sheets to database systems the world of patient data records has progressed to electronic health records. Even within this we […]
  1. Health
The process of medical billing and practice management has always been a time-consuming task in the field of clinical practice. Undoubtedly, the EHR systems have reduced and simplified healthcare providers’ human efforts while streamlining their working processes effectively. This is why the healthcare industry is changing, and so are the health providers’ services. They have […]
  1. Health
  As every healthcare practice has its own needs and goals, so is its requirement. Some want efficiency to improve; some want to streamline their claims processing to be hassle-free. At the same time, others might be more interested in notifying their patients of upcoming appointments and bill the same timely. Some might want a […]
  1. Business
Increasing the number of new patients while retaining current patients is vital to the success of any physician’s practice. But, unless that practice receives steady, profitable cash flows throughout most revenue cycles, they may be unable to stay operational. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the dilemma of whether to do in-house medical billing or outsource medical […]


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