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  1. Internet Marketing
Indiasells provides an incredible range of wires, cables, fire safety, and other home improvement products with uncompromised quality. We originate from the brand Valuecon which has been manufacturing and government contracting for a period of more than 25+ years. Indiasells is a D2C brand that sells products at minimum margins so that consumers get quality products […]
  1. Digital Marketing
VALUECON 0.5 sq mm house wires are made with more than 4 GRAMS OF 99% PURE COPPER per meter and provide at least 360 grams more copper than any other brand. VALUECON wires come with glass-box branding, enclosing all the critical details, thus uplifting the brand’s worth of trust. VALUECON 0.5 sq mm wire is […]
  1. Digital Marketing
Are you looking for ways to make your wire and cable production processes more sustainable? Look no further than eco-friendly materials and manufacturing. In this blog post, we’ll explore the many advantages of using environmentally sustainable materials and manufacturing techniques in the production of wires and cable products. From reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions […]
  1. SEO
Addressable Fire Alarm systems are highly advanced, flexible, and programmable fire detection systems, unlike their conventional counterparts. An addressable fire alarm system uses digital signals just like a computer to identify the device ID of the initiating device (such as fire detector, beam and photoelectric smoke detectors, gas detector, etc.) to pinpoint the exact location […]
  1. Marketing VALUECON Premium – Oxygen Free – Copper Speaker Wires add an upgraded sound experience to home speakers, car audio, home theater systems, hi-fis, amplifiers, and receivers. 16 AWG (1.5 sq mm) speaker wire is perfect for professional stereo audio speaker transmission due to its durability and flexibility. With no shielding material inside, the thin, […]
  1. Startups
What is Semi Addressable Fire Alarm Systems?   Fire alarm systems that are semi-addressable are the types of systems that sit between traditional non-addressable fire alarm systems and fully-addressable fire alarm systems in terms of how they operate. In spite of the fact that a semi-addressable system has some of the advantages of an addressable […]
  1. SEO
It is not easy to choose the right and accurate ‘wires and cables' that match to your need because not everyone has the necessary knowledge. The market is flooded with multiple types of wire with very minor but significant differences. It is therefore difficult to deal with wires and cables. Visiting physical stores and buying wires […]
  1. Startups
The purpose of electric wires and cables is to transmit electrical energy from one point to another so that it can be used for various purposes. It is important to remember that cables are designed based on national and international regulations, depending on their final application, their configuration can be different. Cables and wires play […]


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