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Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) will allow organizations to increase the trust of Gmail recipients by automatically displaying their logos in emails, newsletters, and offers. Gmail's support for the Brand Indicators For Message Identification (BIMI standard) makes it possible to show that these types of email communications are indeed coming from a legitimate […]
We usually hear the term ‘phishing’ but don't fully comprehend its implications. This word refers to a larger category that includes a variety of targeted email attacks. Cybercriminals emphasize simple, low-cost assaults with a high likelihood of entangling victims. The economics must make sense, whether it's phishing (low cost, wide net) or spear-phishing (higher cost, […]
If your organization does not implement DMARC, it enables cyberattackers to: Transmit funds from susceptible employees through fraudulent emails while impersonating key officials in your firm. Send bogus bills to your workers and business partners. Use your domain to sell illicit items. Spread ransomware. Impersonate customer service in order to get sensitive customer or partner […]
Despite significant advances in how corporations can stop millions of cyber assaults, email threats continue to breach defenses because hackers are constantly modifying their attack patterns and strategies. Cyber attackers change more than simply code; they also change methods. According to research, cyber threat actors are shifting from high-volume attacks to more focused operations, such […]
What is DMARC? DMARC (Domain-Based Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance) is an email authentication protocol, policy, and reporting protocol that allows organizations to protect their domain from unauthorized use, including spoofing, phishing, and other forms of spoofing. You must ensure that your organization complies with DMARC before you are eligible for a VMC. Don't procrastinate […]
Do you believe your company is safe from a ransomware attack? Think again. Ransomware assaults appear abstract, transmitted by nameless, faceless thieves looking for and exploiting security flaws. These kinds of assaults aren't new. In 1989, thieves distributed the AIDS trojan—PC Cyborg Virus—through a floppy disk. When cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin became available in 2010, […]
Email dangers are emerging quicker than ever in this digital risk landscape. Cybercriminals are becoming sophisticated in their strategies, tactics, and techniques, such as social engineering and file-less malware, to fool users, circumvent security measures, and, eventually, get paid.  Too many organizations are trying to adapt and adjust to the heightened digital threat landscape caused […]
A constantly evolving and raging kind of cybercrime geared towards email as a potential method of committing fraud is called business email Compromise. In the case of government, commercial and non-profit organizations, BEC can lead to massive amounts of data loss, security breaches, and compromised financial assets. There is a widespread belief that cybercriminals tend […]
Gartner has included DMARC, or Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance, in its list of the top ten security initiatives for 2021. With rare exceptions, integrating DMARC into Office 365-based email ecosystems is the best option for enterprises to avoid being impersonated in email assaults. To understand why, explore the advantages of installing DMARC inside […]
Looking Back…    In 2021, we had to deal with the consequences of a seemingly never-ending string of privacy scandals and historic cyber assaults. On the privacy front, California strengthened its consumer data privacy legislation at the same time as Facebook and Apple openly feuded about how each of these internet behemoths violates consumer privacy […]
Basics of DMARC Enforcement    DMARC is a strong technique for preserving email sender identity. Among many other advantages, when correctly implemented, it protects your domain from exact-domain spoofing, which is a tactic employed by the vast majority of corporate email compromises (BEC). However, the term ‘enforcement’ is not without complexity. For DMARC enforcement, your […]
Many companies are increasingly aware of the threat posed by phishing attempts that spoof the sender's identity. To defend oneself from email spoofing, almost one million domain owners have begun to deploy DMARC email authentication. Setting up a DMARC policy that truly protects you is a totally different issue. Before you can implement DMARC, you […]
DMARC Enforcement  DMARC is a robust email authentication mechanism that operates at the Internet-scale, allowing domain owners to regulate how their domains are used for email transmission by posting policies in DNS. Because it is respected by 80% of all inboxes globally, if you publish a DMARC record with an enforcement policy, any non-authenticating email […]


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