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DISTILLATION IS WHAT? Distillation is a time-honored technique for removing impurities and concentrating desired compounds from raw materials by controlled heating and cooling. The technique, originally developed for the extraction of essential oils and petroleum, had been modified for use in the processing of cannabis (both hemp and marijuana). Even as far back as the […]
It might be challenging to find the ideal CBD product from the many options available. The differences between tinctures, oils, capsules, and topical applications. Let's begin unravelling the mystery around cannabidiol (CBD) tinctures so that we may move on to the rest of the CBD universe. Further, we will provide you with a straightforward method […]
The size and shape of the plant's leaves are the most obvious distinguishing features. The flowering tops of CBD plants resemble those of cannabis plants. What sets CBDV Flower apart from marijuana flowers is something that the naked eye can't detect. The plant's psychoactive and medicinal properties are determined by the ratio of CBD to […]
What is holistic therapy exactly? Holistic, meaning complete is the basis for the answer to that question. Also holistic treatments promote the health and wellbeing of the human whole by taking care of mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. To help promote this balance of mind and body there are a myriad of relaxing, hands-on techniques […]


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