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  1. Marketing
Evolution would be the golden word in marketing if there ever was one. As consumers have access to increasingly modern technologies, traditional marketing methods fall short of their expectations. To appeal to clients, modern marketers must adapt to the continuously shifting media and technology landscape.   Augmented and virtual reality gadgets are two innovations that […]
  1. Email Marketing
Six methods to improve your email program with email reporting   Track trends: Reporting at multiple time intervals, such as weekly, monthly, yearly, and year-over-year, will help you see where your data are heading up or down. Create insights: Based on these trends, your reports will include your insights into identifying problems and offering methods […]
  1. Digital Marketing
1. A scarcity of resources   Unlike large corporations, small businesses frequently lack the financial resources to hire marketing professionals. They also have a limited advertising budget and are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the industry. As a result, many businesses forego marketing altogether, waiting for organic growth of their websites and other […]
  1. Marketing
Two recent studies comparing the ROI of social media vs. email appear to contradict one another. One claimed that social media was first and email was second in terms of return on investment, whereas the other claimed the opposite. Who is correct?   I'm not sure. But I realize I'm asking the wrong question because […]
  1. Internet Marketing
Companies that aren't currently advertising online should consider why everyone else seems to be increasing their business using Google Ads, as Google is on its way to exceeding $200 billion in annual ad revenues.   They may have tried and failed. Let's be honest: Google advertising has become increasingly automated in recent years, but it […]
  1. Digital Marketing
According to Adobe data, Americans spent $204.5 billion on e-commerce purchases during the Thanksgiving season. This was an increase of 8.6% year over year in online expenditure.   The data shows that e-commerce shoppers spread their purchases out more in November and December. For example, expenditure increased by 19.2% YoY in the weeks leading up […]
  1. Business
If your company has a website, it's critical that it adheres to all legal requirements. In recent years, privacy has become a big concern for online interactions, and GDPR is one of the most recent legislation that you should be aware of.   Here's everything website owners in the United States need to know about […]
  1. Web Hosting
In today's corporate world, it's nearly impossible to succeed without a successful website. However, creating a stunning homepage and applying unique designs isn't everything. Only long-term success is possible, and website upkeep is an essential component. Here are four reasons why you should pay close attention to this.   It will protect your website, company, […]
The term “search engine optimization” refers to the process of improving your content so that it appears higher in search engine results pages. SEO is a long-term strategy that necessitates persistence and patience. SEM, on the other hand, is a short-term strategy that takes advantage of current trends. Advertising through Google Adwords or Bing Ads, […]
As the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, continues to infect people all over the world, fraudsters are taking advantage of people's fear and ignorance about the virus to sell fraudulent goods and spread phishing emails, messages, and social media postings that target consumers and individuals. The phishing emails and social media posts promote awareness, preventative […]


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