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“The TRON has generated its revenue more than 30% during trading in recent times. The new non-fungible token is introduced in the TRON blockchain. The NFT standard protocol on TRON in blockchain platform is transforming the entertainment and media industry by eliminating intermediaries between content creators and consumers. Instead of paying the streaming service to […]
The benefits of dealing with a DeFi development company includes automated liquidity, flash loan disbursal facility, 100% control over the funds for the users, an unhackable and scam-free platform, immutability, pseudonymous execution of transactions, low transaction fees due to the presence of robust smart contracts, interoperability, maintenance of a high level of transparency due to […]
The global coronavirus pandemic severely affected the functioning of many industries. People lost their jobs, industries were forced to shut down, and many governments were forced to announce economic stimulus packages despite a cash crunch.  Tokenization can be a game-changer as businesses adapt to new processes to stay relevant. Acceleration in digitization will lead to […]
Decentralized Finance (DeFi) solutions have pocketed a whopping $29.8 billion now indicating tremendous growth amidst positive investor sentiment.  What is the meaning of DeFi? It refers to financial applications built on top of existing blockchain networks like Ethereum and TRON. DeFi is trustless and permissionless.  It offers benefits like scalability, the absence of middlemen, liquidity, […]
DeFi solutions offer basic financial services at an affordable cost to the users. It is all-encompassing in nature with a set of top-notch technological tools that are customized, immutable, transparent, and scalable. Currently, the traditional financial system is facing several challenges such as the presence of too many intermediaries, lack of accountability, poor liquidity, the […]
Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) peaked in the market in 2017 when they raised funds worth several billions of dollars through different projects. Early investors made substantial gains. There were also reports of how some dubious investors cheated gullible investors affecting the credibility of this easy and efficient fundraising mechanism. Due to the severe economic crisis […]


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