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Safety barriers are essentially physical road safety objects that are used to increase safety and awareness. They can be used at construction sites, blocking roads to avoid accidents, to keep workers safe from hazards, prohibited areas, and other things. Every business owner should be aware of the most important aspect of a healthy and successful […]
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Portable toilets have the potential to transform the construction industry's sanitation and hygiene standards. Workers in Dubai typically spend 9 to 10 hours per day on construction sites, which are sometimes located in remote areas or on the outskirts. Portable and easy-to-install toilets help meet the basic sanitation needs of construction workers. As a result, […]
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Hazardous materials are important supplies in our daily lives. The hazmat category, which includes everything from cosmetics and household goods to chemicals, oil, and batteries, is a distinct segment of freight that requires regulatory compliance and safety measures.  Spill containment pallets are critical storage solutions that deal with liquid hazardous materials, particularly oils, fuel, waste products, […]
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Polyethylene Buoy floats are made from high-quality rotomoulded virgin polyethylene which can survive in harsh conditions. It is a process that allows polymer rotation to the interior surface of metal structures. The use of high virgin polyethylene will help increasing its performance and the process will continue to grow. The molding applies a thin layer […]
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Rotolining is a technique that allows chemically modified polyethylene & various materials to bond with metals to line metal vessels, chemical storage tanks, carbon steel pipes, and fittings. Rotolining is a unique process that has recently seen significant advantages in part complexity and material performance. This technique allows for a seamless polymer internal lining to […]
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Every year road accidents are one of the major causes of death. It is extremely important to have road barriers wherever necessary like— in places of ongoing construction, potholes, landslides, diversions, etc. These barriers are very much necessary to driver and passenger safety on the road. So how do these road barriers exactly help? Allow […]
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Roto Lining/ Polymer Lining is a lining technique that is used for all industrial process equipment and parts that are of complex shapes and have limited access. One of the key benefits of polymer lining is that it allows the significantly thicker lining of complex objects as compared to other alternatives, without difficulty. Catering to industries […]
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Water storage tanks allow us to preserve water for multiple purposes. Water storage is not as simple as you think. There are different types of water storage tanks that are made from different materials and are used for different needs. Here are some of the commonly used water storage tanks— Underground Water Tanks: these underground tanks […]
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Pallets are level structures that give an establishment to putting away or shipping products. They are produced using an assortment of materials including wood, metal and plastic.  Normally, pallets are level and flat, which make them simpler to stack, move and burden. Regularly, the merchandise set on these pallets are a lot heavier, which requires […]


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