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Improving the product search experience in Magento 2 can bring significant advantages to your customers, enabling them to swiftly locate their desired items using the product search form. When combined with layered navigation, Magento 2's catalog search offers a seamless shopping experience and adaptable product catalog navigation. The search form serves as the most commonly […]
Magento is a widely used platform for building online stores, thanks to its advanced technology, regular updates, and compatibility with Magento Commerce Cloud. It is renowned for driving eCommerce innovation, empowering over 760,000 websites globally, including major corporations like Coca-Cola, Samsung, Ford, and Nike. Despite facing competition from other shopping cart solutions, Magento remains a […]
Magento has held a prominent position in the eCommerce industry for a considerable period, serving as the go-to platform for countless businesses seeking functionality and success. However, technological advancements persistently push for progress, necessitating updates to maintain competitiveness in the market. Enter Magento 2, the solution to this evolving landscape. Why Migrate from Magento 1 […]
What are the different types of Dependency Injection in Magento 2 and how is it utilized? Automatic Dependency Injection (ADI) in Magento 2 removes the necessity for an object to independently find its required objects. There are three variations of ADI: Constructor Injection, Setter Injection, and Interface Injection. Magento 2 employs ADI, specifically Constructor Injection, […]


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