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Artificial Intelligence is in the growing-demand from startups to enterprises. Being one of the top development companies in the industry our highly-professed team of AI experts delivering a spectrum of AI/ML development services, that includes Machine Learning, Chatbot, Computer Vision, etc.

Click on: https://www.yudiz.com/services/artificial-intelligence/ and learn about our AI development services in detail.

As much as technology has improved, crime takes place in technology as well and it is known as cybercrime. Today, learn about one of the huge threats to our organization, government, colleges, and other sectors which are known as Ransomware. Ransomware is a malicious software or malware which restricts users from accessing their systems and mobile devices. What is Ransomware? How does it work? To know all about this, click on the link: https://blog.yudiz.com/ransomware_explained_facts_and_prevention/ & read the blog.

Know what is an Event and Event Listener & learn how we can add and remove Events on laravel and manage Events. Here, we have tried to cover all possibilities regarding Events. Hope this blog is useful to all those who want to add Events in Laravel. It is the best practice to add Event and Event Listener. Why? Click on the given link: https://blog.yudiz.com/how-to-add-and-remove-laravel-events/ and read to know & learn in detail.

Get your UI design ready from one of the best UI Designs provider of the Industry. Our expertise UI designers are always ready to deliver the best designs that stand out in the constantly evolving industry for all kinds of products or applications.

To know more about our service click on: https://www.yudiz.com/services/ui-ux-design/

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Using a font icon in our project can make a good User Interface as well as it will give the best User Experience to viewers, but getting the right choice of icon suitable to our project is so difficult to find and it’s harder to customize existing icons. Customizing icons for our project can give more impact on our project. So, click on the link: https://blog.yudiz.com/how-to-create-our-font-icon/ & read to learn how to create a font icon for your project.

Playing games together is the best thing ever. Agora provides an easy to use SDK for unity games. People used to have a static profile picture but, nowadays, it would be more fun if there is a video rendering instead of a static image. Agora is a scalable and reliable solution to enhance the gaming experience.

Click on the link & continue reading the article to know all about it: https://blog.yudiz.com/enhance-your-game-engagement-using-agora-io/

Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. Our expertise in Mobile Application Development helps you to build your application in Flutter which is the future in the application development world. Also here are few blogs on Flutter: https://medium.com/…/recapitulating-flutter-interact-19-db7… Flutter befriends Web Get-in-touch […]

Whenever we hear about face recognition, we start thinking of surveillance and human face recognition, just like it’s done in the movies by the cops and secret agencies to maintain the security.

But, soon every human will be trackable and recognizable with the help of AI-ML algorithms. Click on the link & continue reading this blog to know all about it: https://blog.yudiz.com/ai-ml-based-facial-detection-and-recognition/.

At the time of designing some UI, developers have to manage different types of view in a single recycler view which is somehow becoming difficult for them. It is time-consuming too. It will be great for us if this case is handled very easily without any complications.

Click on the given link & read the blog to do it seamlessly: https://blog.yudiz.com/merge-adapter-merge-your-lists-seamlessly-in-android/.

AR-SDT ( AR Social Distancing Training): The most important thing after lockdown is to teach students of school and colleges by maintaining social distancing, but how to maintain social distance and how many feet we should stay away from each other is the important thing. Our AR-Base (Augmented Reality) application will help to learn social distancing.

Download Now and Stay Safe.

Downloading link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yudiz.staysafe

Humans around the globe are in panic and suffering from the pandemic of the 21st century i.e COVID 19 – the word itself speaks everything. Governments are locking down countries, currently, there are more than 4.89 million cases across the world.

So here we are exploring how machine learning (ML) can play a wide role during this pandemic situation by helping the doctors and society in general to detect such viruses conditions. Click on the link to know all about it: https://blog.yudiz.com/application-of-ai-and-ml-for-radiology-assistance-in-covid-19/.

5G abbreviation of the fifth generation of wireless network technology, which is another step forward in wireless network technology, and the main theme of 5G is speed.

Know about…

  • Types of 5G
  • Detail of implementation of one of the 5G types.
  • Future with 5G

with Yudiz Solution.

Click on the link: https://blog.yudiz.com/5g/ & know all about it. If you enjoy this article, follow us at https://blog.yudiz.com/ for more such interesting blogs on latest technologies.

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library. It is designed and maintained by Facebook and the community of individual developers & companies for creating rich and engaging web apps fast and efficiently with minimal coding. Click on the link to know, how a designer can start HTML development in the React project: https://blog.yudiz.com/how-a-designer-can-start-react-js/.

Being a programmer learn React JS with Yudiz Solutions. Or, hire us for making a creative & attractive website for your business.


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