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Triphenylmethanol (also known as triphenylmethanol and TrOH) is an organic compound. It is a white crystalline solid, insoluble in water and petroleum ethers, but soluble in ethanol, ether and benzene. In strongly acidic solutions, it produces a strong yellow color due to the formation of stable “triphenylmethyl” carbon cations. Many derivatives of triphenylmethanol are important […]
A new study by researchers at North Carolina State University has revealed how to extend the technology commonly used to manufacture single metal nanoparticles to the manufacture of nanoparticles composed of two metals with adjustable properties. This study also provides some insights into the optical properties of nanoparticles. Adjusting the optical properties of nanoparticles is […]
Volkswagen alkali can decompose certain solvents, which may cause explosions   A recent report has drawn the attention of chemists to a long-standing but often forgotten hazard in chemistry. When sodium hydride (NaH) is used together with some solvents, it will generate heat and gas unexpectedly, leading to uncontrolled reaction or even explosion. Synthetic chemists […]
Magnesium sulfide formula A simple inorganic compound composed of magnesium and sulfide is called Magnesium sulfide Molecular formula. The Molecular formula of Magnesium sulfide, also known as Magnesium sulfide, is MgS. This is the Molecular formula of Magnesium sulfide. Calculating the molecular weight of the compound is one of the best ways to understand its […]
Konjak has several potential health benefits. These benefits are related to its high content of glucomannan, a naturally occurring soluble dietary fiber found in konjak plants. The following section will discuss in detail these potential health benefits. Constipation Taking glucomannan supplements can help regulate intestinal motility and prevent constipation. A 2017 review found that taking […]
Formic acid, systematically named methanol acid, is the simplest carboxylic acid with the chemical formula HCOOH and the structure H-C (=O) – O-H. It is an important chemical synthesis intermediate that naturally exists, especially in some ants. The esters, salts, and anions generated by formic acid are called formates. In industry, formic acid is produced […]
What does the data center network require? The basic components of a data center switch include: Network hardware: modems, routers, cables, and switches enable communication and data transmission between servers and users. Although bare metal servers are still common for specific applications, network hardware is becoming increasingly virtualized. Security: Security protocols, such as encryption algorithms, […]
NAP (Network Access Point): What is it? How does it help you? Have you ever thought about how enterprise connection details affect network performance and business strategies? The fact is, many people do not know which factors will affect their connectivity. For companies, understanding these concepts is essential, especially when it comes to NAP (Network […]
Modular switch Modular switches allow you to add expansion modules as needed, providing greater flexibility as the network grows. The extension modules for wireless connectivity, firewall, and network analysis are some examples of application specific extension options. Additional connections, power supply, and cooling fans are possible. However, these switches are much more expensive than fixed […]
Octanol is an alcohol with 8 carbon atoms and 1 hydroxyl group, and its molecular formula is C8H18O. Octanol is often used in research and industrial chemistry as perfume and flavor additive of food and beverage. Octanol is also an industrial solvent, surfactant, foam control agent and biodiesel additive. Cannabis contains many terpenes with effective […]


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