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 Projects for your yard that will make your home more valuable 

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Don't forget the power of landscaping if you want to raise the value of your home. 


Even though the real estate market is booming and home prices are at record highs, it doesn't hurt to make your property as valuable as possible, especially if you plan to sell it. A good Paving Stones Driveways is one way to increase the value of your home. Choose a change that will impress potential buyers and make them want to pay a little more to close the deal. 


“You can't ignore the power of landscaping to raise the value of your home if you want to get the best price for it,” says Beatrice de Jong, a broker and consumer trends expert for Opendoor. “First impressions are very important, and potential buyers look at the outside of a house first… It will let buyers know that the inside and bones of the house will look the same.” 


Plant trees. 

One word: trees. Almost every landscaping expert says that planting trees is the best way to add value to a home. 


“Trees can increase the value of your home by up to $9,000, but you should plant them far away from the septic system, driveways, and the house itself to avoid any problems,” says Bryan McKenzie, co-founder of Bumper Crop Times. “Otherwise, the value of your home could go down because buyers might expect expensive problems.” 


Clean up the front path. 

Your walkway is part of the first impression a potential buyer gets of your home. So, take some time to make your Paving Stones Driveways and front door look great. Dawn Templeton, owner and real estate broker at Templeton Real Estate Group in Idaho, says, “If the walkway is well-decorated, it makes the house feel good right away.” 


Spend money on a well-kept lawn. 

The power of a well-kept lawn or front yard is another important part of curb appeal that you should never forget. A well-kept front yard has a big effect on how desirable your home is as a whole. 


“My general rule for landscaping is that the house should look at least as nice as the houses around it,” says de Jong. “At the very least, home sellers should mow the lawn, prune the trees, pull the weeds, and add some colorful seasonal flowers to the garden to make the house look nicer from the street.” 


Put lights in your yard. 

Attractive landscape lighting not only makes your home safer, but it also raises the value of your property. 


Beaulieu of Burlington House Buyers says that a well-lit yard automatically makes the house look better and adds to its value. “In recent years, solar-powered and LED lighting have become good alternatives to traditional lighting that needs to be hard-wired. They light up your lawn at night, show the shape of your trees, keep people from tripping, and keep thieves away.” Beaulieu says that LED lighting (Better Homes & Gardens Beckon Solar Powered LED Path Lights, $20 at Walmart), which can increase the value of your home by 1% to 3%, is appealing to many potential buyers. 


Build a fire pit. 

During the COVID pandemic, when we were all stuck at home, fire pits became very popular. Both built-in and freestanding fire pits (Better Homes & Gardens 37-inch Round Propane Fire Pit, $339, Walmart) are still a popular outdoor feature that adds value to a home. “A fire pit is probably the one home feature that everyone loves. It's great for families, young couples, and anyone who likes to have people over and have fun,” says de Jong. 


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