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Then last year I had a bad accident at work in which I severely hurt knee, I VitobrainReview wasn't able to work for about 2 months in which my symptoms got a lot more severe and I researched the lethal dose for a certain medication and took it, In an attempt to take my own life.

I was found convulsing and taken by ambulance to Hospital in which I spent 4 days in Intensive Care under 24hr Suicide watch, then I was transferred to the mental hospital attached to that particular hospital.People who possess a photographic memory are more common than you might think. Some see it as a blessing others see it as a curse.

A photographic memory is when you can see events in your head as if they were taking place again right in front of you. It is a very apt expression, for it is as if your brain has somehow taken a Pulitzer Prize-winning snapshot with every detail frozen in place. Having a photographic memory has its good points, and its bad points. Let's now listen to and examine these points from someone who had this kind of memory and then lost it.



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