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Adulting is undeniably hard, and to help us get through the morning laziness or the afternoon slump, we heavily rely on multiple mugs of cappuccino or espresso shots. If you have been in such a situation where you find your sugar rush spiking, then it's probably because of your insufficient morning meals. A wholesome power-packed breakfast will seamlessly help you combat fatigue and keep you energized throughout your usual day. If we pay close attention to the term ‘breakfast', it implies breaking the overnight fasting period and helping our body replenish the major nutrients such as glucose and protein. This is precisely the reason why nutritionists and doctors insist so much on adopting a protein-packed breakfast to kickstart your day. Amidst your morning chores and zoom meeting, here are a few breakfast ideas that are easy to prepare and are high in nutrition. 

Beans- A bowl full of pulses and beans is the way to go for a hectic and power-packed day. Being a gluten-free source of protein and fiber, they can keep you full for a longer span of time. Foods with a low glycemic index like these avoid sudden spikes in glucose and insulin.  Beans have a perfect proportion of complex carbohydrates and protein that slowly and steadily provides glucose to your body. You can opt for baked beans, beans on toast, or pan-fried beans with toast for a scrumptiously delicious breakfast. 

Sweet potatoes- Sweet potatoes make for a delightful breakfast recipe because of their delicious flavor and creamy texture. This versatile ingredient is replete with fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. The reason why sweet potatoes make for an ideal breakfast recipe is that they have a low glycemic index so they release blood sugar in the blood slowly, thereby steadily providing you energy all day long. 

Millet Pancakes- What’s better than kick starting your day with the classic pancakes drizzled with some maple syrup? Well, if you are thinking how this made our list of protein-packed breakfast, then you are in for a sweet surprise! You can devour the fluffy stacks of pancakes without any guilt as Millé has a gluten-free and protein-rich collection of pancakes. Choose from Chocolate Millet Pancake Mix, Banana Choco-Chip Pancake Mix and Blueberry Millet Pancake Mix for an out of this world breakfast spread. 

Foxtail Millet- This humble supergrain is ideal for preparing a variety of millet recipes for breakfast. Gluten-free and rich in complex carbohydrates, foxtail millet takes little to no time to prepare and it gives way to whipping some easy millet breakfast recipes. You can opt for millet upma, millet idli, millet porridge among others.You can definitely choose to add your own twist and spruce up the dishes, but millets help feel full for longer and cuts down your need to snack.

Chia Seeds- Chia seeds come packed with a multitude of micro and macro nutrients including fiber, protein, calcium, magnesium and antioxidants. These tiny, nutrient-filled seeds are ideal for keeping hunger at bay and reduces your calorie intake as well. You can whip up a delicious chia pudding recipe using mangoes, blueberries, almonds and more to prepare a healthy and protein-rich breakfast to go.


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