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You have a new puppy! Congratulations! Baby Fido will be a ball of endless joy and energy. However, at some point, you'll want to start teaching him good puppy manners. This will make for a happy family. And the sooner he learns the rules, the easier it will be for him to adapt to his new home. Here, a vet offers advice on how to train your new puppy.

Home Training

For the first few weeks, be sure to notice when your little guy needs to go out and do his “business.”. Sniffing is always a good sign that it's time to take your dog outside. Be sure to give him plenty of praise and treats as soon as he's done.

The “Come” Command  

You want little Fido to see that coming to you is a good thing. To do this, say “come” in a cheerful tone and reward him with his favorite treat when he succeeds.


Naughty pups can be cute, but you'll want to teach your puppy that painful pinching is not okay. The best way to do this is to respond to full bites with a loud “ouch!” and then turn your back for about 10 seconds. Since puppies crave love and attention, taking your attention away when they bite sends a powerful message.

For more puppy training tips or if you wish to schedule a checkup for Baby Fido, feel free to call us, your local veterinarians Burlington, ON, anytime!



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