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Ventisquero Colgante – The Hanging Glacier:

Ventisquero Colgante, the Hanging Glacier, the world-famous glacier of Queulat National Park in Patagonia, is a spectacular sight with its awe-inspiring glacial waterfall, lagoon and river.

Explore about Bulk water sales Glacial Group s vision is to bring unparalleled Pure Glacial Water to the world Contact us if you would like to partner, Purchase Water Rights or discuss your glacial water needs.

After hundreds of years in frozen form, after coming into contact with the majestic Andes Mountains, a continual supply of amazingly pure glacial melt releases downward as a towering glacial waterfall, in its original untouched liquid form, as it was hundreds of years ago. Unfortunately, this amazing supply of pure glacial water not only goes to waste, flowing into the nearby fjords, but in doing so, it can potentially disrupt the underwater ecosystem of the countless saltwater species in the vicinity.

Imagine having the ability to play a role in protecting this pristine environment and the nearby ecosystem of saltwater aquatic life, while also bringing this extraordinarily rare and abundant supply of pure glacial water to those in need of it worldwide.

Glacial Lagoon of Ventisquero Colgante:
Endless Flows of Pure Glacial Water
Crystal Clean Air, Water and Environment

Protecting Local Wildlife and Ecosystem:

Our registered consumptive water rights total over 130 liters per second, allowing us to capture and utilize over 4 billion liters of glacial water annually from its pristine source, while helping the local dolphins, sea lions and countless other saltwater species in the area.

Private registered glacial water rights cannot be obtained today. We were fortunate enough to secure these water rights prior to the water authority in Chile terminating the ability to secure private registered consumptive water rights.

The water rights are perpetual in design and afford those whom hold them the ability to have access to this pristine pure source of glacial water for generations to come. Feel free to contact us below.


We are stewards of this beautiful world in which we inhabit. We all must strive to do our part to protect it and to improve it wherever and whenever we are able.

Participate in a life-changing adventure located in this pristine and virtually untouched area of one of the most beautiful locations on mother earth.

Glacial Water:
Over 4 billion liters annually, previously frozen in time for hundreds of years, completely protected from pollution, from one of last virgin water sources on earth.




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