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Many times, you may have noticed that the skin color of certain body parts is changing. It is easy to blame it on tan or pigmentation. But tan or pigmentation may only make your skin tone a shade darker. When your skin color is changing to blue, it is alarming as it may be hinting at a deeper health issue. One might also need to seek gangrene treatment in Bangalore.

Usually, skin obtaining blue or purple color is a sign of formation of blood clots and blockage of blood flow in that particular region. There are so many instances where people have had some amount of internal bleeding in their palms due to their hands getting stuck somewhere. It gets cured on its own as it does not require anything externally. But apart from this, if your feet or your toes are changing to deep blue or purple, it might be a hint towards one of the following causes. Let us explore what would be possibilities of this colorization. Visit a vein specialist before it has to be treated with vascular surgery in India.

  1. Bruises

Injuries and bruises are some of the most common reasons for the decolorization of your feet. When there is an injury or a bruise, the white blood cells in that area get affected. It may take a few days for the balance of white blood cells and red blood cells to be restored. If your bruise takes a long time to heal, you should also check out for signs of diabetes.

  1. Peripheral artery disease

If cholesterol in the body becomes too high, it starts occupying blood vessels. Because of that, there is less space for the blood to flow. Because of the cholesterol present in blood vessels, the more narrow blood vessels found in limbs do not carry blood till their area is widened. Because of the saturated blood flow, the skin acquires the color of deep red and purple. Whenever a person is obese, there is a risk of peripheral artery disease.

  1. Lupus

Lupus is a disease that affects your immune system tremendously. When you know the system is weak, it is easier for the virus and bacteria to attack your body. It may affect any part of your body and there might be constant swelling and aches in your joints.

  1. Frostbite

If you are someone who lives in cold regions and deals with snow days, this is something you should be careful about. Frostbite is not taken very seriously because people are used to working in cold regions. Due to excessive exposure to cold, the skin and a few layers of the skin can start freezing. It is more common in areas that are more exposed to external weather like our faces, hands, etc.

  1. Ischemic foot

This condition is marked by severe pain in the leg region. The pain is accompanied by cramps in the legs. This condition develops because of the blockages in veins in the leg region. The blockages in the principal artery cause numbness and pain in the leg area. This stage is of chronic pain and if not treated well in time, it would lead to dry gangrene. Vascular surgery in India would help you treat this condition.

  1. Deep vein thrombosis 

Thrombosis is a term used to describe clotting of the blood. Deep vein thrombosis is a condition where blood clots begin to develop in deep veins of the body and most probably in the leg. It may or may not present itself with some symptoms but there would be obvious signs of DVT like leg swelling, pain, and the color of the skin turning to red or purple or blue, etc. If you see those, visit a deep vein thrombosis doctor specialist.

  1. Raynaud’s syndrome

Raynaud's syndrome gives rise to muscle spasms of temporary nature. There is also construction in the blood vessels of limbs. Now, this syndrome also develops numbness in the limbs. Because of that and restricted blood flow in an affected area, it may turn purple or plain white. This situation is aggravated during times of anxiety and stress.

Decolourization is often considered a cosmetic problem rather than a medical one. Only a deep vein thrombosis doctor specialist would be able to guide you better. But it is important to understand the complications behind it. Many of these conditions are easily treatable if detected and paid attention to early but if they are ignored or mistaken for something else, they may get complicated and result in reducing prognosis. So if you observe any of these symptoms, seek gangrene treatment in Bangalore at Vascular India.


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