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Getting together, finding reasons to celebrate, and probably just being loud, bright, and beautiful, are things that we believe come naturally to us Indians. However, over the years, and no this is not an age old dadi writing the article, just a more observant member of society, we’ve seen a shift in the nature of these social gatherings.

While dressing up in the fanciest clothes was the norm at one point, strutting out in your pyjamas for women has become more than widely accepted today. Whether globalization has a bigger role to play in this, or the advent of the internet and a billion ideas from sites like Pinterest, we’re just glad about this new trend in fashion because let’s face it, there are few clothes that can match pyjamas for women in terms of style and comfort.

So bringing our love for our pyjamas, people, and parties, together, here is our checklist of the top five things to look into if you’re out there planning a night to remember with a pyjama party for your friends.

  • Get Appropriate

Although it seems like a risky statement to make today, we will take that risk by saying…Nobody throws parties without a reason. Even if your reason is “we haven’t met in a long time and want to just hang out”, it is reason enough to slip into your favourite pair of pyjamas for women and show up. 


In any case, whether you’re celebrating a graduation, long lost friendship, an engagement ceremony, a bride to be, a groom to be, a birthday, or a just because, ensure that you have your reason down right, so that you can cross-check at the end of your entire plan, whether that reason is actually getting fulfilled or not through it all.

  • Pick a theme

Now if you’ve got the first point in place, picking a theme gets much simpler for you. If you are celebrating an individual, pick something that either reflects their personality, or is in sync with their taste, or has something to do with a memory together. In our case, one of the coolest pyjama parties we had ever had, was themed ‘A Night of Regret’.

Yes, we get the irony of the situation. Nobody wants to go to a party and regret it. But what we did was pick ALLLLLL the plans we’d made over the years that had for one reason or another (and we’re not taking names here, but all of us have that one party pooper in the group that either has too much work or just never got the permission to go!), and lived it through the night.


So by the end of it, a little foam board, vinyl prints, a camera, and a crazy bunch of girls in their pyjamas for women, and we made the cheapest tour around the world in eight hours a reality. So go ahead, pick a theme that is most relevant to the group you are inviting, and then get crazy.

  • Décor

And by décor, we mean everything you see, touch, taste, hear, and smell. Go all out with this one to create that unique sensorial experience for your guests. Ensure you have:

  1. Simple, budget-friendly, DIY décor ideas (thank you Pinterest for this!)
  2. A menu
  3. A music playlist (preferably without ads if you’re using apps like Spotify or YouTube)
  4. A dress code shared well in advance so your girls can go out and get their pyjamas for women in place just the way they want it
  5. Room fresheners in sync with your theme for extra brownie points
  6. Personalization of any sort is always welcome. Especially because you know your guests and what they’d like. So simple things from name badges to more complicated or expensive ones like table mats and takeaways can be devised for this

  • Documentation

Despite being the kinds that aren’t obsessive about posting every tiny detail of their lives online, we do believe that if it wasn’t clicked, did it even happen? So when you’re planning your crazy pyjama party, having put in all the effort from décor to food and music, buying that perfect pair of pyjamas for women do ensure that you have taken a lot of pictures through the night. Along with the nostalgia of looking back on them years later, there is also something more that you can do immediately after your party…read on below.

  • Pre and Post Party Experiences

A pyjama party, unlike other social gatherings, is always something that is a little more intimate in nature. By default, it is more than just a bunch of people meeting in their pyjamas for women or men. It is about a group of friends that mean the most to you. Which means, you can take the opportunity to let them know of this through all the tiny touchpoints before, during, and after your party.


The invitation, for instance, is something we love working with – writing small personalized notes and things like that. One other thing that you can do is, once the party is over, share a small thank you with your friends. You could use the many pictures you’ve clicked that night and write about something new you got to know about them or anything of the sort as memorabilia that they can hold on to forever…



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