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Qaboola Sharif: The City of Heer Ranjha Love Story:

Qaboola Sharif (also spelled as Qabula Shareef) is a famous town of Sahiwal. It is situated 14 miles from Arifwala and 42 miles from Sahiwal on the Bahawalnagar Sahiwal highway.

River Sutlej flows from here at a distance of 14 miles from Qaboola city.

According to some traditions and historical events, the city of Qubla is about 2 thousand years old.

Located on a 50 to 60 feet high ridge nine kilometers away from Tehsil Arifwala, Qubola is one of the oldest towns in the subcontinent.

According to Rigveda of India, earlier this area was called Kadhi. After the arrival of Muhammad bin Qasim, some Hindus belonging to the Kikri nation came and settled here and gradually the name Kikri became famous.

The famous Indian king Ghiyasuddin Tughluq spent the first few years of his life in Kadhi Kekri. Later, due to emotional attachment, the king deputed his governor, Qubbal Khan, to build a strong fort here.

According to the order of the king, Qubaal Khan built a fort here between 1353 and 1369 and organized the population. Earlier this area was called Maqboola, then Kot Qobaola, and now only Qobaola.

Historical Qaboola Fort:

Qaboola Sharif

Among the famous buildings of Qaboola, the oldest is the fort built by Governor Qabool Khan. Nowadays, only a part of this fort remains. It is said that this fort had four towers but now only one tower is left.

It is also said that Kabula Heer is also known as Ranjha. When Ranjha was taking Heer away after her marriage, he came here and got caught.

Remains of places like Heer Ka Patan, Ranjhe Ka Khooh, and Ranjhe Ka Toya are still associated with Qaboola.

Mosques and Major Markets in Qaboola Sharif:

Qaboola Sharif

According to an estimate, Qaboola is the only city in Pakistan that has only one bazaar. There are two famous intersections in the city namely Faisal Chowk and Gola Chowk.

Among the important courts, Shah Musa Abul Makaram, Pir Dewan Dastgir, and Pir Muhammad Shafi are worth mentioning.





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