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The State of Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup this year which brings international attention to the country's activities. With the Qatari government determined to make the tournament as stable as possible, the country is working to come up with its waste management strategy. In a series of second reports, Steve Eminton summarizes the latest national conference on waste management.

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The clergy

The importance of Qatar's plans to achieve a zero-waste economy, especially by avoiding sending waste to landfills, was recently demonstrated by the presence of two Ministers at the national waste management conference during the Qatar World Cup in Doha.

Both are Municipal Minister, H.E. Dr. Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz bin Turki Al Subaie, along with the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Sheikh Dr. Faleh bin Nasser bin Ahmed bin Ali Al Thani, addressed the second day of the conference in mid-June 2022. They also participated in the panel discussion and took questions from the audience.

Great effort

The MEC explained how the Department over the past three years has made great strides in developing a comprehensive national strategy related to solid waste management based on the current situation and the development of plans for the next decade. Also, reflecting a growing view in many parts of the world about how waste should be viewed, Dr. Abdulla Al Subaie declared:

We should call waste a waste of land that should be used and exploited and we could build more economic waste. Pointing to the increase in waste, especially in the construction and commercial sectors, he explained that waste production is increasing rapidly, in addition to population growth due to economic activities. He also highlighted the country's strengths in the waste disposal industry.

We in the Province of Qatar have been successful in areas such as transforming waste into energy, these are key projects launched over the past few years. The reconfiguration of the messages is a highlight of the Department's work, the Minister said. We focus on awareness, at the level of people, companies, organizations, and stakeholders all involved in the sector. Producers, waste carriers, and recycling end users, should have a general awareness of the goals we wish to achieve.

“We are focused on awareness, at the level of individuals, companies, organizations, and stakeholders – all of whom are partners in this field.” – Municipal Minister

Such messages include reducing waste production and the quality of waste to be recycled. Dr. Abdulla Al Subaie noted that the quality of recycled materials is crucial in helping to develop a vibrant and productive economy, through the planning and segregation of waste. He noted that the former waste can be disposed of for recycling, preferably. For more to know about Qatar World Cup tickets Click here.


Qatar, he said, is developing advanced technology and separation centers. We have a very detailed program that addresses these issues. Our goal is that by 2030 we aim to eradicate waste and aim to reduce waste disposal in landfills and introduce these types of waste into a round economy. You must reflect on the Qatari government's position to introduce regulations but on larger projects that will be implemented by private companies.

Promoting reuse

The next speaker was H.E. Sheikh Dr. Faleh Al Thani, Minister of Environment and Climate Change. The latter is a new department, emphasizing global awareness of the importance of tackling climate change. The Minister explained how the country introduced the national waste disposal system and agreed with the MEC that waste needs to be considered a valuable asset.

He said: Yesterday I visited the exhibition and saw for myself the great efforts of the private sector in terms of waste disposal and now part of it has been recycled and recycled. At the Department of Environmental Affairs and Climate Change, we encourage the recycling and recycling of all types of waste and recycling. We have a sustainability department that can help allow the private sector to take advantage of these opportunities.

We issue licenses for these projects to ensure that these projects comply with the specifications and authorizations and to ensure that no pollution arises from the use of this waste, to ensure the best possible technology. We encourage continued sustainability through recycling when recycling is improved – Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Emphasizing sustainability in various ways, he said: Also, we encourage greater resilience by re-using more and better use. We hope to achieve 80% recycling at the Ministry of Environmental, this is a major goal. We hope the government plays its part in licensing, financing, and more, and we hope that the private sector will take advantage of this opportunity.


Speaking next to the minister was a student, Professor Maram Al-Ali Al-Maadeed, vice president of research and graduate studies at the University of Qatar. Professor Al-Maadeed spoke on the importance of education about environmental awareness. We create the perfect character for students from the beginning from kindergarten to the university level.

The educational setup is highly developed and has a wealth of experience in various universities that support special environmental protection and waste management and waste management. The University of Qatar has extensive knowledge in the fields of science and engineering and economics that provides technical and developmental skills related to environmental and waste management, he explains.

Also, he warned that the education sector should not be isolated, isolated from humanity and society. All stakeholders must be consulted and we are proud to be partnering with the government, and the Municipal Department which is working on several important projects such as land redistribution. For more to know about Football World Cup tickets Click here.

During the question-and-answer meeting, the MEC agreed on the importance of education. He said: The success of this strategy is closely linked to the active participation of all sectors of society and even young children and I thank the Minister of Education, Higher Education, and Institutions, and thank the companies and companies that support student and school activities, such as promoting environmental protection, reducing food waste and promoting recycling and eliminating the use of plastic products.

Dr. Abdulla Al Subaie predicted: In the coming decades we will have a society that is more knowledgeable and supportive of environmental issues through lifestyles and activities. He explained how several public and private institutions are reviewing their policies and regulations regarding their waste management plan, which includes the recycling and minimization of waste.

In all of this, the private sector is engaged in a great voluntary effort and we urge the sector to develop skills and competencies. WM and treatment required investment, tracking, and monitoring. The private sector is important, I would highly recommend the use of technology and equipment development.

Three out of eight municipalities have waste disposal facilities in the private sector, he said so I hope this experience will be successful with the transmission channels. The success of private companies in transporting waste will make us more reliant on the private sector elsewhere.

The law

Future projects, explains the Minister, include an engineering waste disposal site and for recycling, we have provided land and hope to continue operating these recycling facilities. Many of the essentials need to be recycled and following the rules and regulations, we have enacted a law prohibiting the use of plastic bags and we have experienced the recycling of construction waste which has been very successful.

We hope the performance will exceed our expectations. Asked about Qatar's two-drum system, the Minister explained that this was in the first phase with the schools and institutions being released so far. The measurement is continuous and the production level is monitored.

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